Four Glorious Days

Having the last four days off has been wonderful. We’ve enjoyed lots of Christmas feasting. I snuck a run in on Boxing Day when I got up before our family lunch. It felt so good to move and get some exercise. That day we had two meals to feast on.

Saturday I hosted my family at our house and we had such a nice time. After everyone left I decided I wanted to go for a run again. I headed into town and did an amazing 3km run. I really wanted to do more but it was getting dark so I headed home. I finished with a Tabata of push ups and plank. J and I decided to go to see a movie but when we got to the parking lot it was so packed we just went to a pub for a bit and then went home and watched the 90 day fiancé weddings.

This morning I got up and went to the gym for the first time in almost a week. It felt amazing!

I did the workout that they did yesterday and I loved it. It was an open gym so the rest of the people there were lifting.

22 min AMRAP
800 m run
21 push press
40 sit ups
400 m run
15 push press
30 burpees
200 m run

I got through one round and then did a second 800 m run before the time went on the clock. Then I did 40-30-20-10 sit ups with planks in between.

For the afternoon I went to the mall to do some shopping and get some Boxing Day deals. I did really well and got some really nice stuff. Here’s a sample of my purchases.

I’m really excited about those tights. I got them at lululemon on sale, same with the jacket. Now J and I are heading to play bingo. I’m pretty excited because I haven’t played in ages.

Did you get any workouts in over the holidays?

Did you go Boxing Day shopping?


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