Back to Normal-ish

Christmas is a great opportunity to visit with loved ones and spend time over meals and sweets and drinks and it’s nice and all but it’s also really nice to get back to normal life. After an amazing four days off it was tough getting up and ready to go back to work on Monday. I felt a lot like this kid.

After I finally dragged myself out of bed and headed down for a shake and my shower I was greeted by these two friends.

I had a busy workday and headed to the gym. I went to a later class and there was just two of us. We started with some heavy back squats where I worked up to 2 at 135 lbs. I tried for 145 lbs but just did one and chickened out on the second. Then we did the wod and my legs were burning by the end of it.

4 rounds
1 min plate push
1 min slow push ups
1 min box step ups

I rocked those push ups. I did them super slow and didn’t drop to my knees at all. Not. Even. Once. My coach was super impressed with them and said they were probably my best push ups to date. I’m thinking my success had to do with my new amazing pants.


Today was another busy work day and I actually stayed pretty late. Since C is away I was able to head to the gym again. I was glad because I won’t make it there again until the weekend. There was no strength wod today, we went straight to the workout and it was a team wod.

Row 3200 m
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
Sit ups/ wall holds

Basically the first person works on rowing while the next starts the pull ups and the next does sit ups. Then you rotate through for all the movements. We got it all done just under 25 minutes. My legs and arms were already feeling the burn after last nights so tonight I am definitely needing my friend the foam roller. When I finally got home and got organized it was a late dinner and we opted for breakfast for dinner.

I then did some laundry, wrote some wedding thank you’s and watched the final episode of 90 day fiancé which I found pretty disappointing. Poor J is under the weather so hopefully he’s feeling better tomorrow for our New Year’s Celebrations.

Happy last day of 2014!!’

How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve?
We have a stag and doe to attend.


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