Getting It All Done

Holy this week is just flying which means I am running out of time to get everything I want done before the weekend and our trip is here.  I have a list of work things as well as a pretty big list of non work related tasks to get done around the house and as vacation prep.  Yesterday I managed to cross off a bunch of things.  Let’s digress a little and talk about how we went out for lunch as sort of a very late Christmas lunch.  I ordered the fish taco’s and sweet potato fries and it was delicious and so filling.  Then I had to go back to work and try and be productive because I really did have a ton to do, but I was so full and tired from all the deliciousness in my tummy I really just wanted to go home and do this:

so freaking tired
so freaking tired

I made it through and even got some major things crossed off my work to do list.  I still have plenty to cross off the next two days though.  After work I headed to the gym and got what I am hoping is not my last workout of the week in.  I am still holding out hope I will make it in one more time this week.  Our strength portion was 3 rep max front squats and then 2 rep max strict press.  I did 3 front squats at 105 lbs, and strict I did 2 at 65 lbs.  I did get one at 75 lbs after several attempts but I didn’t try for that second one.


15 min AMRAP

shuttle run

plate push

push ups on plate- 2 per side

10 sit ups (I did Russian twists with a 10 lb plate)

5 burpees

This workout was T-O-U-G-H.  It was exhausting.  I actually was yawning so much during the strength work.  I was just so spent, but the AMRAP sure woke me up.  It was a good thing too because I still had lots to do.  Since C was visiting her Grandmother I took the opportunity to go and get my vacation manicure and pedicure.  I got nice bright colours since it was a vacation treat.

the finished products
the finished products

I realize that’s a terrible picture but it’s all I’ve got.  Sorry friends.  I picked up dinner for J and I and headed home and we ate and then went to pick up C.  We were also all very excited with the progress in our bathroom reno.  It’s really coming along and it should be functioning today I am really eager to show my parents and surprise them for their stay while we are away.

Tuesday night we booked the remaining two stops on our vacation.  One is Rotorua which has an amazing Spa we are visiting and the other is in Auckland where we will stay very close to Takapuna Beach.  I am excited because it’s going to be a busy vacation with lots of stops planned, so the last two days are booked here which should be nice and relaxing.


Wish me luck that the rest of the week is just as productive and we get everything done.  It’s crunch time!

Anyone else planning a honeymoon out there?

Married friends, where was your honeymoon?


A Bit of a Funk

I feel like I am in a bit of a funk lately with regards to my will power and making healthy choices.  I have a lot on my plate right now and I know that it’s all just excuses but I just can’t seem to stick to anything.  I am definitely not doing as well as I had been, and have been a little lazier with my meal prep.  My goal of eating well 80% of the time hasn’t gone as planned I don’t think, I would say I am doing more of a 65-70% really.  I am not getting down on myself, I am living life and I will get back on track.

Mr Bean Funny Gif Images (5)

I really don’t want to think about it too much and have guilt associated with my food choices.  I feel like I get on a slippery slope and sometimes think / worry about it too much.  I don’t want to worry about it.  Self acceptance is hard.  I am really not good at it and have never really felt really confident with myself.  I don’t know why…. I am lucky I have an amazing husband who makes me feel beautiful, and even my sweet little girl who always tells me I am beautiful.

I also have this gal who obviously thinks I am pretty awesome.

forcing a cuddle
forcing a cuddle

In other news, I made it to the gym after work tonight despite a bit of a snowstorm.  The roads weren’t great but I did make it in time.  We paired up for our strength portion and we worked on 3 rep max back squat and 2 rep max push press.  I was feeling sore from yesterday’s run but I did a lot of rolling on my IT bands between lifts and it helped.  I got to a 3rm of 115 lbs.  My push press I really impressed myself and got 2 at 100 lbs!!!  I wasn’t feeling strong when I started off but I nailed those lifts today.  I did a bit of a modified WOD because I was in a hurry.  I didn’t want to leave too late since the weather was bad and I was worried the roads would make me late for picking up C.


3 rounds

20 wall balls

20 sit ups

10 squats

10 burpees

When I got home I tackled some more laundry and we made this yummy number for dinner.

chicken sausage, peppers and mushrooms served over spaghetti squash
chicken sausage, peppers and mushrooms served over spaghetti squash

J gets this sausage from this little meat place and it’s honestly soooo good.  I enjoyed this dinner, it was comforting on a chilly snowy night. I spent the rest of the night doing laundry and watching the Bachelor.  I also even did a little bit of packing for our trip.  It’s going to be a busy week, we have a lot going on.

What’s going on in your world this week?

we are getting things organized for our trip!

The Very Worst Run

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  Friday I took the afternoon off and spent some quality girls time with my Mom, my Sister and my niece and C.  It was my sister’s birthday earlier during the week and we went shopping at the outlets for the afternoon and then had a big family dinner at my parent’s house that night.  I found some really great deals shopping and got some great stuff I can use on my trip.

some of my purchases
some of my purchases

It was really nice to spend the time together, we haven’t done that in ages.  Even C did some shopping and got some great stuff.  We came home after dinner and I was so glad I was able to take the afternoon off for some quality time.

Saturday morning I got up and made breakfast and then C and I headed to the gym for my favourite workout of the week.  We worked in groups of 3 and tackled a crazy wod.


Karen- 150 wallballs

Annie 50-40-30-20-10 double unders/ sit ups

100 front squats

100 push press

100 box step ups

Annie 50-40-30-20-10 double unders/ sit ups

Karen- 150 wallballs

We split everything up between us and got through it in about 27 minutes.  Then we had about 6 minutes to work to a one RM on one lift, one person did front squat, another did push press and the other did power clean.  I worked on my power clean.  I got 95 lbs.  I attempted 105 lbs a bunch of times but it just wasn’t happening.  I actually loved this workout, I found it challenging but so fun, especially working as a team and cheering each other on.

Saturday afternoon J and I did a lot of running around for our renos and getting our house organized for my parents to stay in when they stay here while we are away.  We treated ourselves to an amazing dinner for the three of us at a restaurant called The Black Forest Inn.  I know I have mentioned it here before, it’s a German restaurant and the schnitzel there is AH-MA-ZING.  We had a delicious family dinner and a quiet evening at home.

Sunday morning we got up and after breakfast I got ready to go for a run.  I wanted to get a 12 km run in, J mapped out a course for me.  I got ready and headed out.  It was a lot colder out than I have been running in for a long time.  I bundled up but it was still really cold.  It took some time to adjust.  The first terrible thing that happened was I realized right away that I had to pee.  I knew there was no way I would make it the whole way so I was racking my brains on where I could stop.  One of my best gals lived in the area so I took my phone out to text her and as I was typing it my phone just shut down.  I think it was the cold.  I kept trying to turn it back on but no luck.  So here I was at the beginning of a very long run with no music and a full bladder.  It was not a good start at all.

I kept going.  I did stop in at my friends and she wasn’t home.  With no music I found it really tough to not think about how cold it was, and how much I had to pee, and how my knee was starting to hurt.  It’s such a mental struggle.  I kept telling myself out loud, you’ve got this, keep going, you aren’t stopping.  I thought of a way to stop back at my car and grab my ipod and make a bathroom break (I was parked at a grocery store).  I did that, and I plugged my phone in at my car and it came back on.  I set back out and I struggled so much.  My knees were so sore.  I decided to turn back and I am still so made at myself.  I think stopping and trying to start up again just was too much for me.

I felt pretty awful about it.  :(
I felt pretty awful about it. 😦

I headed home and iced my knees and then we did groceries.  We had a busy day tidying up and doing a ton of laundry.  We had J’s family over for dinner to celebrate his mom’s birthday.  We made our Jalapeno Popper dip and it was a big hit.  I failed and didn’t take any photos.  Sorry friends.

This is going to be a very busy week for us finishing up the prep for the house and for our trip.  I have A LOT to get done and I am not sure when I will fit everything in.  I will have to do my best to be super productive this week. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready to face the week head on.  xoxo

Do you run with music or without?

Are you training for anything right now?

I am but am not feeling super confident about it right now.

This Week in Bullet Points

1. Due to crazy weeknights, long work days and sore knees it was not a week full of many workouts.  No Monday night as I had a last minute errand to run and a late exit from the office.

2. Tuesday night was a good night because I had a hair appointment.  I finally got the guts to chop it a little more.  I got a long bob type style.  It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front.  I got some fun highlights and got it really textured so it’s so nice and light.  I am excited about it, and it’s much easier to style.  You can sort of see it in this picture I sent to my BFF today.


3. I got an email that my photos were ready from our event at the gym in November that we had called Deadlifts and Dresses.  We got all prettied up and went to the gym for an amazing dinner, and we got our pictures taken.  I had actually forgotten about the pictures until the email and I really like how they turned out.


We also received some exciting news Tuesday that J’s best friend had her baby!!!!  She was our best m’aam in our wedding and we have been patiently awaiting the baby’s arrival and she came Tuesday night.  We went on Wednesday to visit her in the hospital and she is perfect and beautiful.

4.  We made this amazing dinner Wednesday night and it was so delicious.  The meat was a “London broil” which is basically beef wrapped around sausage meat.  We did some veggies up too and it was such a good meal.  I will definitely be buying that again.


5. Wednesday’s workout at the gym involved burpees, thursters and manmakers.  Worst.  Then we followed with some abs and I worked on pull ups.  I think I came very very close to getting two strict pull ups in a row with no band!  I was pretty excited.  Tonight I decided to do a mini at home workout.  I did a circuit with pull ups, push ups, KB swings, KB high pulls, and single arm presses.  I did 5 rounds of 5 of each.  Then I followed up with some abs.  I totally nailed my first at home push up and C got proof for me.


6. Now here we are on Friday’s doorstep and I am only working for half a day Friday.  I am pretty excited about it.  Even better is we have a girls day plan with my Mom and Sister and our kiddies.  It’s looking to be a pretty great day and weekend.  We have lots to do this weekend to get organized for our trip.

What have you got planned this weekend?

It’s the Freaking Weekend

Time to recap this weekend.  It was a busy one and we got A LOT done.  I started with a Friday after work gym visit.  We began with strength and worked on a one rep max push press.  I have been stuck at 105 lbs for a long time now and wanted to try and break that record.  I worked with a friend and we just started working up gradually.  We got to 95 lbs and she suggested adding 2.5’s and I said I would rather jump by 5’s since I still felt strong, this way I wouldn’t tire myself out.  In the end I killed it and pressed 110 lbs!!  I was so excited, I yelled across the gym to my coach- did you see that???  110!!!  He did see and I was on top of the world.


7 rounds

7 push ups

7 squats

7 push press

7 box steps

7 burpees

7 deadlifts

I used 55 lbs and it was heavy.  I actually started with 65 lb for the first round but dropped it.  It was a tough one.  I was sore when I got home for sure.  We had plans with one of J’s cousins and his wife to meet for dinner at a sushi place they recommended.  It was a really fun night and the food was delicious.  We had a blast.  I was really full and went to bed when we got home.

Saturday morning I woke up and made myself some breakfast before I dropped C off at her Grandmother’s house.  Then I headed to the gym for my favourite workout of the week.  We did a team challenge that is kind of tough to explain.  We each had to do a round of Fran to start off, which is 21-15-9, thrusters and pull ups. Then between us we did 100 plate pushes, 100 burpees and 200 sit ups.  Then we each did another round of Fran to finish off.  It was BRUTAL.  I knew immediately after I would be sore from it.  The rest of the day involved getting a bunch of errands done for our renovation. We had a quiet night together and watched a movie with popcorn and lots of snuggles.  It was perfect.

Sunday I got up and made breakfast and when I was done J and I threw SO much junk out.  We got one of those big bins for our renovation garbage and we are able to get rid of so much junk.  It’s been liberating to just cut out the clutter.  I then got myself ready and psyched up for a run.  I headed into town and ran 9.6 kms.  It was the perfect temperature out, I think it was 2-3 degrees.  I felt pretty go except for a lot of pain in my IT bands.

getting it done
getting it done

I haven’t done a long run in awhile so it was tough but I was glad I went.  When I got home I had to ice both legs and to be honest they were sore the rest of the day.  I ran a bunch more errands and by the end of it I was limping.  Ouch.  We had a nice dinner together and then I spent some time researching and booking for our trip.  I am getting really excited.  Especially since we are going on an adventure at this beautiful place.

Waitomo Caves, NZ
Waitomo Caves, NZ

It’s going to be such a great trip.  We have a lot of other adventures planned as well.  Stay tuned for more details!  xoxo

How did you spend your weekend?

Where is the coolest place you have vacationed?


These Days

There’s been a lot going on around here.  Work, as usual is busy…but at home, there’s this:


This is outside our entrance to our house.  We are renovating!  It’s not something I can say I have really lived through, and it’s challenging.  We are building a new bathroom.  We have this one weird room upstairs that’s not really big enough to be a bedroom, so we’ve been using it as a junk  storage room.

it's nice and clean in this picture but it was full of stuff
it’s nice and clean in this picture but it was full of stuff

On the opposite side of the wall is our ensuite which is just a sink and toilet, no shower.  It’s an old farmhouse and we just have one full bathroom downstairs, no bathtub, just a shower.  So we decided to knock down the wall between the storage room and ensuite and make one big bathroom.

the ensuite
the ensuite

The renos started Monday and every day I come home to a bigger mess.  I had a really trying day Tuesday and it caused a mini meltdown and it was only day two.  But since then I have been ok, I am just focusing on the end result and I am really excited to have it done and have an awesome huge new bathroom.  It’s also giving me a ton of inspiration to really clean up some stuff in the house and be brutal and just throw stuff out.  We have one of those big bins and we have piles and piles of stuff to put into it.  It’s time to clean up around here!

Wednesday I made it to the gym after work.  We started with strength and did 5 sets of 10 front squats.  I have to say I really don’t like the sets with so many reps.  Especially front squats.  I started with 55 lbs and moved up from there.  As I got heavier I didn’t do the full 10 reps.  I went to 8 and my last set was just 5 reps.  I worked to 100 lbs for 5 reps.  I was happy with that.


15 min AMRAP

200 m row

5 push press (I used 65 lbs)

10 box step ups

15 goblet squats

I am not sure how many rounds I got through.  It was a killer, and I thought about dropping my weight but I am happy to say I stuck with it and kept it at 65 lbs even though it was heavy.  We finished off with 50 sit ups and 100 flutter kicks.

Today I decided to rest and I didn’t do anything in terms of workouts, I was pretty sore and I think between the lifting and how I slept I gave myself a kink in my neck.  I went to chiro at lunch and it helped a lot.  It’s still a little tight.  Tonight was spent doing laundry and vacation planning.  Yep, we have another one coming up- our honeymoon.  I am starting to get pretty excited about it.

On a final note I have to share something adorable with you all.

cutest. I think it's safe to say they like each other.
cutest. I think it’s safe to say they like each other.


Have you ever lived through a messy renovation?

This is my first but I think it will be the first of many.