Goodbye 2014

When 2014 started it started rough. The first couple months were not easy but we got through our challenges and got even closer as a family. It ended up being such an amazing year. I married the most wonderful man and the three of us are so incredibly happy. It’s a happiness I never even knew existed.

Usually New Year’s is a time when I say goodbye to the past year and get excited about what lies ahead in the next year. This year I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to 2014 because it ended with so much happiness.

For New Years Eve I only worked until about 1pm and I treated myself to a manicure and did some shopping. I even had time to get a workout in. My gym had no later classes so I did a workout at home. Here’s what I did.

After my workout I hit the shower and got ready for our night out. I really enjoyed my getting ready process. I found the best mix on songza to listen to. It was a 90’s hip hop mix and it had so many classics on it. I took my time and curled my hair. Here’s the outfit I went with.

J and I rang in the new year at our good friends stag and doe. We had a blast. J is under the weather so he was a real trooper by staying out so late.

Today is a day to relax and be lazy and loungey. I’m really loving it. I think 2015 is going to be pretty awesome. I’m excited to see what it has in store for us. Happy New Year!! xoxo


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