I’m Just Going to Be Me

Now is the time where everyone is setting there resolutions for the new year ahead. I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I never stick to them and I often would just have picked something random. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting a fresh start for the new year. There are things I want to do or change but they are things I’ve been wanting to work on for awhile now, so I don’t think of them as resolutions. I am just going to continue to be me, and get back to what’s important to me.

I just need to get back into what’s important to me and yeah like most people this time of year that includes getting back on track with my eating. If I only could find some time to do groceries and meal prep! In terms of my workouts they haven’t changed. I got to the gym a lot less during the holidays but I managed to do some at home to make up for it. I’m feeling strong still which is great.

Speaking of a new year, I found this photo on my phone today and had to share it.

Happy New Year!  Woof!
Happy New Year! Woof!

Cute right?

I had a crazy long work day yesterday and didn’t get home until 9pm. I then got up really early today to go get C from my parents. They live just over 45 min away. We were expected to get some bad weather today so if I went in the afternoon it would be riskier. My class at the gym is at 10 am so I decided to get up early and pick her up then so I could still make it to the gym. I had been looking forward to the team workout for awhile.

I made it on time and am so glad I did! For the strength we used racks and did 1 paused front squat, 2 front squats and a push press. I worked up to 85 lbs and stopped there because I didn’t want to overdo it.

The wod we did with a partner and my girl was there so obvi we partnered up. I decided I was going to push myself and go heavy and that is exactly what I did.

18 min AMRAP
20 hang power cleans
20 push press
20 burpees
20 front squats
20 clean to thruster

One partner worked at a time, for the other to come in they had to do 5 goblet squats. The first round we divided the reps pretty easy but we did a second round and it was more like just do as many as you can and then switch. We still kept it pretty even and finished two full rounds. I used 65 lbs on my bar for all exercises but we used a second bar with 55 lbs for the thrusters, those suuuucked. I loved this workout. It was heavy and left me totally gassed and it was just what I needed.

I had to go back into work and spent the entire afternoon there. Not fun but had to be done.  When I got home it was after 4 pm so most of the day was gone.  I relaxed on the couch for a bit and then decided I needed to move and I made dinner.  We are pretty low on groceries but had some turkey sausage and a sweet potato.  I whipped together this little number.

sweet potato and sausage hash
sweet potato and sausage hash

It was delicious if I do say so myself!!  After working a little bit more from home, it’s now time to finally sit down with my cutie and we are going to play a board game she got for Christmas.  Tonight is going to be all about snuggles and relaxing.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! xoxo

Do you make resolutions?  What’s yours if you do?

What was your Saturday workout?


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