Weekend? I Blinked and Almost Missed It

This weekend has gone WAY too fast for me.  I’m very sad that it’s now Sunday evening and it’s back to work tomorrow.  I spent too much time working for my liking.  Being a grown up sure is hard.


Last night J and I ended up watching the UFC pay per view.  The prelim fights were two words BO-RING.  We both fell asleep and thankfully woke up in time for the main event.  Staying up that late isn’t really my thing but we managed.  The main event fight was really good, and I was glad Jones won.  We had popcorn and that was pretty delicious.

This morning we had plans to go to the Mill for brunch with J’s bestie and her husband.  They are due to have a baby any day now and we wanted to celebrate as well as thank them for being so amazing and doing so much for us with our stag and doe and wedding.  The brunch there is amazing.  There is every kind of amazing food you can think of, including crab legs.  ummmmm, yes please!!!!  I ate A LOT and was so stuffed and it was soooo delicious.


After brunch I did some running around which FINALLY included grocery shopping. I have been eating such random meals and snacks and haven’t done any meal prep in weeks and I am definitely feeling the results of it.  I NEEDED to get my sh*t together and put together my weekly meal plan and prep.  That’s just what I did.  I made a big batch of Veggie Quinoa Soup for lunches on workout days, and I prepped all my snacks for two days as well as the chicken for tomorrow’s dinner.  It took some time but I found an awesome playlist and just got to work and got it done.

my soup.  It made seven servings for us to enjoy during the week.
my soup. It made seven servings for us to enjoy during the week.
snacks, chicken, quinoa cooked up- perfect for quick servings during the week. #likeaboss
snacks, chicken, quinoa cooked up- perfect for quick servings during the week. #likeaboss

By being prepared I have no excuses to not make healthy choices.  It’s right there and ready.  I plan on upping my water game again and getting back to that as well.  I have been enjoying pop and A LOT of tea over the past couple of weeks and that will change too.  I also have a couple other things I want to make an effort in doing but I will save those for another post.

I’m going to get back to what’s left of my weekend now and try and cross some more To Do’s off my list.  I hope the weekend has been good to you all.  xoxo

How often do you meal prep?

Was today a rest day or did you do an awesome workout you want to share?


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