Wallballs? Come on!!!

I knew today was going to be a tough day.  I tried to go to bed early last night and get a good rest so that I could wake up and face the day with a vengeance.  I slept well, got up and got to work on time and it got busy quickly.  It was a whirlwind really and by the time I blinked it was lunch time.  I was so glad that I packed all my meals for the day, so I was very prepared.  I had a splitting headache ALL day and a bit of a sore throat and I really dread that I am getting sick.  I got through the day and had to really sit back and decide if I wanted to go to the gym or not.

bad day

I decided to just go because usually it makes me feel better.  There are exceptions and I think today was one of them.  I should have known when I walked in and heard one of the other girls read the board and say “oh godddd”.  Great I thought… I didn’t look at that moment because I had to make the best of it and get it done.

The first thing we did was the strength.  Today it was front squats- boooo and we did 5 sets of 10.  I hate sets of 10.  It’s too many and it made me annoyed.  That was my first clue that I should have just gone home.  I worked to 70 lbs and called it quits.  Then I made the giant mistake and checked the workout on the board. 

how I felt when I heard the workout
how I felt when I heard the workout

The workout was a combo of 3 of 4 of my hardest movements.  The last time a workout brought me to tears it was the very same movements, and I had a really brutal day that day too.  I wasn’t going to cry about it this time, but I was dreading it so much.


3 rounds

2 min to row 400 m

1 min wall balls

1 min burpees

1 min rest

This SUCKED.  Seriously it sucked so bad.  I am terrible at rowing,  and wall balls are my nemesis.  I actually didn’t mind the burpees.  I never thought I would say that but it’s true! I was glad I stayed and got my workout in but it didn’t change my mood and I still don’t feel great.  I think I might be fighting off the bug that J had.  We finished with 100 plank reaches.

I got home and we had tortilla pizza’s for dinner and it was really yummy.  I forgot how good they are.  And so easy to make!


J helped C with her homework and I love watching them together.  Then we took the Christmas tree down and that made me happy because I put away all the extra clutter.  It’s nice to just have normal life back in the house.  I was excited to see we had a couple deliveries today and one of them was the perfect thing to curl up with while drinking my tea.

our wedding album!
our wedding album!

I used an online company called The Artisan State.  It’s actually the fourth photo book I have had done in the last year and I am really happy with how it turned out.  I was thinking I might do a post about the different companies I have used and what I thought of them.  I am happy with this book, it’s so nice to have it done. I can’t stop looking at it.

I hope you are having a good Monday friends, it’s almost over so it’s looking up for me.  xoxox

What’s something awesome that happened to you today?

Mine was getting our photo album.

What movement in the gym is your nemesis?

Mine is definitely a toss up between wall balls and man makers for sure.  both suck for me.




One thought on “Wallballs? Come on!!!

  1. I dislike wall balls and thrusters….i suck at both…not surprising since they are basically the same movement. Today we had a wod with double unders, which inlove, and for the first time ever, i finished first…and im pretty sure i even did and extra round. 11 rounds instead if 10. I love wods with double unders in them…its one of the only crossfit movements im really good at. All that skipping in the playground at recess in elementary school has finally paid off!

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