Taking a Step Back

I have been feeling under the weather all week and it’s getting old now.  I worked late and planned to go to the gym but then decided maybe it would be better to just lay low another night and take it easy.  I couldn’t avoid all activity so I did some Tabata workouts at home.  I did a round of each of planks, Russian twists, v-sits, hand to toe reaches and deadbugs. I recently discovered Spotify and I enjoyed an awesome playlist while I did my ab workout.  I listened to one that was Acoustic covers of songs and I discovered this one.


I made a delicious dinner of homemade Quinoa Turkey Burgers. I kind of just made up the recipe on the fly and I think they turned out pretty well.  I served mine on a bed of greens and toasted a corn tortilla.

So now here’s what I really wanted to dive into tonight.  My mission to unplug.  We recently went out with some friends and we were discussing cell phones and she mentioned to me that they have started plugging their phones in at night in another room to charge and leaving them out of the bedroom.  I thought that seemed like a really good idea.  I started to think about how much I am on my phone.  When I get up in the morning I use it as my alarm.  As I am waking up the first thing I do is go on my phone and scroll through facebook and instagram and read my emails and I waste so.much.time.  It’s silly.  I also do the same thing at night before bed, just lay there and scroll through pinterest and play stupid games.  It’s such a time suck and I could just use that time to get proper rest.  I am also guilty of checking my email throughout the evening and I just don’t relax and escape from work.  So I decided I need to unplug more.


I have made an effort all week to leave my phone on silent and in another room so that I don’t check it so often throughout the evening.  If I go in the kitchen, I might check in but it’s not beside me constantly dinging and distracting me.  I am making an effort to spend more time doing things full on without the phone distraction.  For example, I am even reading!  I rarely read, usually just on vacation.  I have been reading every night for a little bit before bed and I have had a great sleep every night.  (the Nyquil for my cold may have helped but still).  I am not doing two things at once, and I don’t feel so distracted.

be all there

It’s been kind of cool, I think this is something I want to keep doing.  It’s helped me relax and realize it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing or posting… it’s really not that important.  I am focusing on myself a little more and I think that’s important.  And it’s something I need to do more often.  xoxo

Have you tried unplugging


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