A Ladder and a Really Long Plank

Thursday is here!  This is great news since that means Friday is literally just around the corner. I couldn’t be happier about that.

The-OfficeI am SO ready for this weekend.  bring. it. on.

Today was another busy long work day.  I got home, got C fed and out the door for Brownies.  I sat and was relaxing trying to convince myself for awhile to get up and do a workout.  I missed my usual Wednesday and despite doing a small ab workout in it’s place I knew I needed to do something tonight too.  I was making excuses and that’s not cool.

I decided to whip together a workout for myself and here’s what I came up with.

yep.  burpees on purpose.
yep. burpees on purpose.

The first couple rounds were tough, the 10s and 9s and 8s sucked, but once I got to 7 it seemed not so bad and I got through it.  I had a hip hop workout playlist on Spotify that kept me pumped.  I decided to end with a plank. Initially I thought I would go for a minute plank.  Then I started and started the stop watch and thought, nah, I will do a max plank.  Then I saw 2 minutes pass and I thought, ok no biggie I can do 2:30.  next thing I knew it was:

IMG_7754That’s right friends.  I killed a 3 minute plank and it was easy.  I am pretty sure I could have done more.  I am getting really strong with the planks, I think it’s because I do them so often.  All those Tabata sessions are playing off.

I hope you are ready for the weekend and exciting plans await you.  xoxo

How long can you plank for? 

Any exciting weekend plans?



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