Oh Heyyyyy Friday

It’s herrrrrrrrrrre!!!!!  FRIDAY!!!!!!  I am SO glad to it’s the weekend.  I had a crazy busy day today but I made sure to leave on time to get to the gym.  I have been working late every day this week and I promised myself I was going to leave on time and get in for a workout.  So when 4pm came- I was O.U.T.

giphyThe workout today was one that was intended to be done with lighter weight at a faster pace.  We just used the barbells without any weight on it, so mine was 35 lbs.



250 m row

15 push press

5 burpees

It was tough!   We finished in about 20 minutes and I felt amazing when I was done.  I felt strong and had a lot of energy and I honestly think it was helped by the fact that I have been eating really well this week and sticking to my plan.  When we finished we did the strength workout which was deadlifts, sets of 2.  I didn’t go too heavy with it.  In between sets we did strict pull ups and I am so excited to announce I got one!  It even was somewhat easy- only one person saw it and I was so excited but then realized my coach missed it.  He got his phone to capture the moment and told me to do another one.  And I did that one too!   I tried to do two in a row but no dice.  This wasn’t my very first strict pull up but it was a strong one and it was after a pretty crazy wod too!


I was feeling really good after today’s workout.  I went and picked up C and we went to get my rings which were getting repairs.  We treated ourselves to a drink at Starbucks.  J made us a delicious dinner that we all enjoyed.


The rest of the evening is involving some board games, and getting caught up on American Idol auditions from this week.  Its a pretty great end to this week.  We have lots going on this weekend that will keep us busy and I am pretty excited about it.

Happy Weekend!  xoxox

Do you feel stronger when you have better nutrition?


What are you excited about this weekend?


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