More Progress

Monday came and went and was pretty ok actually.  Normally I get the worst Monday morning blues but today I woke up and felt alright.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I was woken up by C who climbed in my bed for a nice warm snuggle before we got up.  It’s a pretty great way to wake up.

Work was busy and went by fairly quickly.  I had prepped my meals despite feeling so gross on Sunday and was so glad I did.  I have been feeling so good lately after sticking to my meal plan over the last week.  It’s amazing how when you have made so much progress, and you fall off track, it’s pretty quick to get back on track.  I am already feeling a little less “fluffy” with how things fit.  I am aiming for a realistic 80/20 split with my healthy eating, still enjoying cheat meals without guilt.

Here’s my morning snack:

protein pudding
protein pudding

This pudding is made with greek yogurt, protein powder, peanut butter and a couple other ingredients.  It’s super healthy and so delicious.  I have been eating it every day and am loving it every time.  It’s definitely not something that tastes healthy.  I love it.  It makes it easier to stick to a meal plan or healthy eating when you are eating meals that you like.  I am happy that I learned how to put meals together and make healthy choices without feeling so restricted.


I have always really loved this quote.  I think it’s really good advice.  And if it helps me look like Jen well, hey, that’s ok with me.  Hahaha.

After work I headed to the gym.  It was a busy class today, some new faces which was nice.  We started the workout with back squats.  We did 5 sets of 7 reps.  I really impressed myself and managed to hit 7 reps at 125 lbs!  Not bad.  When I went to record it in my book, I saw that my 5 rep max was recorded as 115lbs, so I definitely made some progress there.


100 push ups

100 lunges

The kicker of this was that every time you took a break you had to do 3 burpees to restart.  I managed to do the first 40 push ups without falling to my knees and I was really happy with that.  After that workout we did three one minute planks with a 30 second rest between them.  I felt great after that workout.  The evening was spent doing laundry and curled up with the Bachelor.  Apparently there was football on so I wasn’t curled up with my husband.  I won’t be devastated when football is over.  But is it ever really over?  J manages to find it all year round.

I hope your week is starting off great.  xoxo


Did you get a workout in on your Monday?

I try not to miss a Monday workout, I think it sets the tone for the week.


What’s your current favourite healthy snack?


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