This Week in Bullet Points

1. Due to crazy weeknights, long work days and sore knees it was not a week full of many workouts.  No Monday night as I had a last minute errand to run and a late exit from the office.

2. Tuesday night was a good night because I had a hair appointment.  I finally got the guts to chop it a little more.  I got a long bob type style.  It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front.  I got some fun highlights and got it really textured so it’s so nice and light.  I am excited about it, and it’s much easier to style.  You can sort of see it in this picture I sent to my BFF today.


3. I got an email that my photos were ready from our event at the gym in November that we had called Deadlifts and Dresses.  We got all prettied up and went to the gym for an amazing dinner, and we got our pictures taken.  I had actually forgotten about the pictures until the email and I really like how they turned out.


We also received some exciting news Tuesday that J’s best friend had her baby!!!!  She was our best m’aam in our wedding and we have been patiently awaiting the baby’s arrival and she came Tuesday night.  We went on Wednesday to visit her in the hospital and she is perfect and beautiful.

4.  We made this amazing dinner Wednesday night and it was so delicious.  The meat was a “London broil” which is basically beef wrapped around sausage meat.  We did some veggies up too and it was such a good meal.  I will definitely be buying that again.


5. Wednesday’s workout at the gym involved burpees, thursters and manmakers.  Worst.  Then we followed with some abs and I worked on pull ups.  I think I came very very close to getting two strict pull ups in a row with no band!  I was pretty excited.  Tonight I decided to do a mini at home workout.  I did a circuit with pull ups, push ups, KB swings, KB high pulls, and single arm presses.  I did 5 rounds of 5 of each.  Then I followed up with some abs.  I totally nailed my first at home push up and C got proof for me.


6. Now here we are on Friday’s doorstep and I am only working for half a day Friday.  I am pretty excited about it.  Even better is we have a girls day plan with my Mom and Sister and our kiddies.  It’s looking to be a pretty great day and weekend.  We have lots to do this weekend to get organized for our trip.

What have you got planned this weekend?


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