Getting It All Done

Holy this week is just flying which means I am running out of time to get everything I want done before the weekend and our trip is here.  I have a list of work things as well as a pretty big list of non work related tasks to get done around the house and as vacation prep.  Yesterday I managed to cross off a bunch of things.  Let’s digress a little and talk about how we went out for lunch as sort of a very late Christmas lunch.  I ordered the fish taco’s and sweet potato fries and it was delicious and so filling.  Then I had to go back to work and try and be productive because I really did have a ton to do, but I was so full and tired from all the deliciousness in my tummy I really just wanted to go home and do this:

so freaking tired
so freaking tired

I made it through and even got some major things crossed off my work to do list.  I still have plenty to cross off the next two days though.  After work I headed to the gym and got what I am hoping is not my last workout of the week in.  I am still holding out hope I will make it in one more time this week.  Our strength portion was 3 rep max front squats and then 2 rep max strict press.  I did 3 front squats at 105 lbs, and strict I did 2 at 65 lbs.  I did get one at 75 lbs after several attempts but I didn’t try for that second one.


15 min AMRAP

shuttle run

plate push

push ups on plate- 2 per side

10 sit ups (I did Russian twists with a 10 lb plate)

5 burpees

This workout was T-O-U-G-H.  It was exhausting.  I actually was yawning so much during the strength work.  I was just so spent, but the AMRAP sure woke me up.  It was a good thing too because I still had lots to do.  Since C was visiting her Grandmother I took the opportunity to go and get my vacation manicure and pedicure.  I got nice bright colours since it was a vacation treat.

the finished products
the finished products

I realize that’s a terrible picture but it’s all I’ve got.  Sorry friends.  I picked up dinner for J and I and headed home and we ate and then went to pick up C.  We were also all very excited with the progress in our bathroom reno.  It’s really coming along and it should be functioning today I am really eager to show my parents and surprise them for their stay while we are away.

Tuesday night we booked the remaining two stops on our vacation.  One is Rotorua which has an amazing Spa we are visiting and the other is in Auckland where we will stay very close to Takapuna Beach.  I am excited because it’s going to be a busy vacation with lots of stops planned, so the last two days are booked here which should be nice and relaxing.


Wish me luck that the rest of the week is just as productive and we get everything done.  It’s crunch time!

Anyone else planning a honeymoon out there?

Married friends, where was your honeymoon?


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