Oh Hello Old Friend

Is it just me or is this the looooooongest week ever?  Seriously.  On Tuesday morning I thought it was Wednesday and it continued like that all week long.  I am glad tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is upon us.  It needs to end because I can’t take much more of this week.


I feel like I have spent a lot of time on my couch this week.  I have been soooo tired.  The cold weather doesn’t help at all, it’s like all I want to do is come home and get under the covers.  I was able to make it Wednesday to the gym and it was a super sweaty workout.  I had a bit of a stiff neck Tuesday night and it was worse on Wednesday when I woke up and it bothered me all day long.  For strength we were doing strict press, I did 5 reps at 55 lbs and then moved up and did a couple reps at 65 lbs but it started to hurt my neck so I switched to front squats while the others finished pressing.


1 min- 5 dumbbell thrusters, rest of minute lunges

1 min – 3 manmakers, rest of minute burpees

1 min- 10 ankle touches each side, rest of minute bicycles

We did this twice then got a one minute rest, then we repeated the cycle two more times.  Then we finished it off with a one minute plank.  This was one that made me more tired than I thought.  I need to remember this one because I can definitely do it again at home.

I am not sure if many of my readers know but I am a big instagrammer.  Sometimes I think maybe I am an over-instagrammer?  I do take A LOT of selfies.  #sorrynotsorry  Anyway, something super cool happened to me today and the band Walk off the Earth followed me!!!!  WHAAAAAAT????  I was pretty excited about it.

can you even believe it???
can you even believe it???

I worked late tonight and was rushed to get C in time.  She was supposed to have Brownies tonight but we had a voice mail saying it was cancelled.  She wasn’t as disappointed as I thought and I was happy that it meant I was home for the night.  I wanted to do a small workout.  I got changed and opted for my Bob Marley t shirt I got in Jamaica to warm me up.


I started with some leg hangs and sits on my pull up bar.  While I was hanging there I remembered that I still had my fitness circle from back in the days where I did Pilates on the regular.  It’s also called a Pilates ring, or a power circle.  I did a quick search for some reminders of moves for with it.  I found a whole bunch including a video.  I followed along with the video and it felt amazing.  I felt it so much in more core.  I forgot how much I loved Pilates.  I think I want to do it more often.  I might even take a class or two.

reunited with my old friend
reunited with my old friend

I have been thinking a lot that it would be good for me to do some Yoga and get my stretch on a little. Even just a mini session here and there.  I have tried in the past but haven’t been able to find times that work with my schedule.  I think it would be awesome to find a yoga buddy.  J- what about you?  You wanna yoga with me??? xoxo

I hope everyone’s week has been speedier than mine and here’s to the weekend!!

Do you do yoga regularly?

Have you ever used a fitness circle? 

If you have can you recommend some good exercises to me!


My Eyes Hurt and It’s Cold

This winter has been a real bitch. It seems like every other day we are having an extreme cold warning. Today’s has us with a windchill of -35. Can you even? I can’t even. I hate the cold. I hate winter. I tried to convince J to move to New Zealand but sadly he did not agree.

The weirdest thing is that despise my absolute disgust for winter I am amazing myself with my ability to just suck it up and get through it with relatively little complaining. I mean yeah I am over it but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m just bundling up and getting through it. When we have a day like Saturday where it’s -10 out we are commenting on how warm it is out. It’s nuts.

This morning I had to get up realllllllly early for work and I’m really not a morning person so it was hard. It’s so hard being a grown up. So hard. I had planned to leave work early since I went in so early but I wasn’t able to. I felt like this at some points.

I was yawning and I feel like my eyes are sore from being open longer than necessary.

When I finished up I headed to the gym. Yep I was tired but I knew I would be glad I went. The workout was in honour of a young child that our coach knew and he passed away in 2012. The strength had us lifting 2012 lbs for two different lifts. I chose back squats and deadlifts. For back squats I did 75 lbs which meant I did 27 reps. The deadlifts I did 95 lbs and did 21 reps. I felt strong.

3 rounds
1 min plate pushes
1 min dumbbell thrusters
1 min burpees
1 min overhead lunges
1 min mountain climbers
1 min rest

I was glad I went and did this workout. I felt great. When I got home I did some abs before getting changed and ready for dinner. J was out for the evening and C wasn’t feeling well. She had her dinner early and I made a big batch of veggies.

Yesterday I cooked up some turkey meatballs in a homemade tomato sauce so I had that with my veggies and also a scoop of leftover sweet potato garlic mash. It was really filling and so delicious.

It wasn’t the prettiest but I promise it was delicious. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch. C went to bed early and I laid on the couch watching the Bachelor. This season has been so good!!! As soon as it’s over I have a date with my pillow.

Hope your Monday has been a good one. One day down out of this work week already!

When you are tired do you skip the gym or does it make you feel better?

Tell me something about your Monday!

The Art of Laziness

This weekend I am perfecting the art of laziness.  I have a crapload to do honestly but I am trying to intertwine it with laziness as much as I can.  Friday’s work day was crazy.  I could have stayed for hours later than I did but at 4pm I said that’s enough, I’m out and headed to the gym.  The wod was the kind that after I read it I knew it was going to be rough.  As weird as it sounds- I freaking love those wods.

EMOTM – 15 minutes

1 clean

3 front squats

2 push press

*lunges/ burpees/ sit ups

When the clocked beeped on the minute it was the clean, squats and presses.  Then whatever was remaining was where we did lunges, then next round burpees, and next round sit ups, then back to lunges etc.  We counted those reps and totalled them up.  I started off with 65 lbs which was heavy after 4 rounds I knew I wouldn’t make the whole 15 minutes and asked my coach to drop it for me and I went down to 55 lbs for the rest of the workout.

That evening J and I decided to go out since C was at her Grandma’s for the night.  We went to a new sushi/ dim sum restaurant.  Then we had planned to go watch a band at our favourite local pub.  The problem with that plan is we always eat too much when we go for sushi and then we just want to go home and lay down.


Sooooooo, you can imagine what happened next.  We went home and laid on the couch and watched Dateline.  I know, I know.  We are newlyweds kicking it on a Friday night.  It was pretty wonderful.

Saturday morning I got up later than planned and discovered it was snowing.  More snow?  Awesome.  At least the snow meant it was a little warmer than the frigid temperatures we have been having lately.  I made myself breakfast and it was the perfect meal for before the gym.

good morning.
good morning.

The workout was a team challenge.  I was paired with two of the strongest girls, and our coach said he paired us based on our skill levels and I felt pretty amazing when I heard that knowing who my partners were.  Here’s what we did:

P1- row

P2- plate push x 4

P3- 140 back squats, 140 push press, 200 thrusters

We changed based on when the partner was done the plate pushes.  The partner who took over the lifting just picked up on the reps where the last partner left off.  I felt amazing when it was done.  When I got home I relaxed for awhile before I got out and did some running around that I needed to do.  My errands took longer than they needed to because it was snowing.  It snowed all day!  Once I got home, I had spurts of productiveness mixed in with spurts of laziness.  It was awesome actually.

For the evening I decided all I wanted to do was one thing.

that's it.
that’s it.

J was out for the evening so C and I decided to have a lazy night.  We ordered pizza, made popcorn, watched the Grammy’s and played the game of Life on the IPad.  It was nice to have that time together.


I still have a lot to accomplish this weekend but I do have one more day.  I think I can get everything done and still squeeze in some more laziness.  That’s what the weekend is for right?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like to have lazy time on the weekend?

A Kettlebell Quickie

Tonight was not a gym night for me but I wanted to do something at home. I had it in my head I wanted to so a kettlebell workout so I turned to the internet for answers. I googled “quick kettlebell workout” and found the perfect workout.


I followed it exactly and it was just what I needed. It was challenging and was long enough that I felt satisfied with it but not too long that it took up too much of my evening.

Dinner followed which was chili again and lots of relaxing. I’m pretty excited that it’s almost the weekend and I can get a ton of stuff done around the house and do some more relaxing as well.

Here’s to Friday!!

Do you have a favourite at home workout?
I think this one will be a regular for me.

My Valentine

Valentine’s Day was spent on a plane flying home from our honeymoon in beautiful New Zealand.  We agreed we had spent a lot on ourselves and each other the last few months and we were so fortunate to have been able to go on that trip that we really didn’t need to do anything else as a “Valentine”.  We definitely didn’t need to have a day to express our love after we had such a beautiful wedding day not so long ago.

the most perfect day
the most perfect day

I honestly feel so blessed every day to have J in my life.  So I wanted to draft a poem to express my love for him on Valentine’s Day (ok, kind of late but still…).

Dear J,

You make my heart skip a beat

You put up with my freezing feet

You are the funniest guy I know

I hope you realize how I love you so

I love the many ways you make me laugh

And how incredible it is watching you deliver a calf (it’s true!)

like this little cutie
like this little cutie

You know how to cheer me up when I get blue

I am so lucky I get to spend forever with you

I admire how hard you work every day

And how you don’t get upset with me when I get in your way

I think your patience is incredible

Incredible is a hard word to rhyme…

You have mad skills when it comes to cooking

When you dance in the car I am always looking

When it comes to C you are the very best

You definitely pass the step dad test


Meeting you changed my life

Thank you J for making me your wife


I love you J.  xoxo

Kicking Ass Unexpectedly

I have been feeling pretty crappy this week and I am attributing it to adjusting to the time change or I guess jet lag? I have a gross feeling in my stomach and today I had a headache and a real lack of energy.

I had packed my gym bag but was telling myself throughout the day that I probably wouldn’t go because of how I was feeling. Then at 4 pm I decided well I’m going because I’m going to feel crappy regardless so I might as well try it.

We started with strength and did a 3
RM push press. I worked up to 85 lbs which I was happy with considering I haven’t done heavy push press in over two weeks and I wasn’t feeling 100%. Once we found our 3 rm we did that same weight for max rep back squats. We did two rounds of those and I did 13 for the first set and 10 for the second.

15 min AMRAP
5 push ups
10 squats
15 sit ups

I got just over 15 rounds done. The most exciting news was that I didn’t drop to my knees at all for ANY of those push ups. My coach noticed about the 13th round and asked have you done them with no knees this whole time?! I proudly said yep! It felt amazing. I got home and had to take a flex photo because I felt amazing and pumped.


Can I also just point out that amazing shirt?! Here’s a better look:

A friend of mine made it and sent it to me. She has a clothing line called Bird Apparel ( she has an etsy shop and you should definitely check it out). She doesn’t just print on the shirt. She actually sewed the shirt. It’s so comfy and obvi so cute too. I love it.

We got home and I had someone pop over so it was a late dinner. I had my yummy turkey chili that I prepped on Monday and it was very tasty. The perfect meal for another cold and snowy night. The perfect end to a day that really turned itself around. Let’s hope another early night means I feel better tomorrow.

What’s your perfect meal on a cold night?

The Real World is Hard

We got home from our amazing vacation on Saturday night. We arrived home just after 11 pm. It was a looooong day of travel and it felt really good to be home. Despite the frigid temperatures we arrived to. I had to wait to see C until the morning since we were home too late.

She did wake me up in the morning and we spent the day together. We did groceries and I did lots of laundry and we shared a few snuggles. With an 18 hour time difference it has taken some adjusting to it. It took a few days to hit us when we got there and I think it’s hitting me again now.

Monday was Family Day and it was a long weekend (thank god)!! There was a family workout at my gym so C and I went to that.

4 rounds
1 min push ups
1 min squats
1 min sit ups
1 min box step ups
1 min rest

At the beginning of each minute the adults did 5 burpees and the kids did 3 burpees.

We had a great time together and C did great! We were both pretty tired after. When we got home we had some couch time and then I got to work doing some meal prep. I made a big batch of turkey meatball quinoa soup and a crockpot full of turkey chili. I’m pretty stocked for the week.


Today was my first day back to work and this morning was hard. So hard. Getting up and getting ready sucked. But I made it through the day and it wasn’t so bad. We made a delicious pancake dinner to celebrate Pancake Tuesday.


The night had the perfect finish with some more cuddle time on the couch with my girl.


what did you do to celebrate family day?