Our Amazing Honeymoon…

I can’t even express the beauty I have seen today and it’s literally the first day of our trip. We are in New Zealand for our honeymoon and we will also be attending a good friends wedding later in the week. We arrived in Auckland this morning at 5 am. We drive to our first destination Waitomo and found our hotel around 10:30. It turned out we couldn’t check in until 2 pm so we went back into another town to walk around and have lunch.

We found a liquor store and met the coolest lady who told us about some amazing spots to see that are free. We were on the windiest roads and thought for sure we were going the wrong way but we eventually found it and oh.my.god it was beautiful. It was really neat meeting her and we chatted with her for a long time about a lot of things and got a locals perspective on what we should see while we are here.

It started raining when we were walking through it. But it was warm out and so it was ok. Even beautiful in the rain. Then we drove even further and found a waterfall that was incredible.

Every where we looked it was so pretty. There are hills everywhere and lots of cows and sheep. It was also crazy to get used to driving on the other side of the road and the other side of the car.

I don’t plan on blogging a lot during the honeymoon but I do think it’s a pretty great way to remember everything that happened as I have a chance to record it. We have a lot of amazing things planned while we are here including a cave adventure!!

Stay tuned for more travel updates! xoxo


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