I Can’t Believe I Did That!!!

Day 2 in New Zeland’s North Island had us in Waitomo where we signed up for a cave adventure. We had prebooked online and had signed up to go with Black Water Rafting and do the Black Abyss tour.

We started off with a nice breakfast in the morning at our hotel and waited for our shuttle.

The views here are beautiful everywhere.

We got to the caves and they gave us some instructions on how we would get down there. We learned how to absail. I was so scared. I am not a fan of heights at all and we basically had to go down a big hole on a rope. Stepping off that ledge was terrifying. I did it and was so glad I did. We went down the hole and then explored the cave below.

There was a zipline portion which was done completely in the dark. When you looked up you saw what looked like a billion stars but it was glow worms. We got in the water and floated on tubes to do some more exploring.

As we headed back to leave the cave we did some climbing which was tough!!! We climbed up a waterfall and I was so nervous but so happy I did it. We had to squeeze through little openings in the cave and honestly I was exhausted after!!! We wore wet suits to keep us warm which was good because the water was freezing!!

Our tour guides Matt and Pip were wonderful and made us so comfortable. I definitely recommend this tour to anyone travelling out Waitomo way. It was an amazing experience.

What’s the most adventurous thing you have done?

Are you afraid of heights?


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