Making Some Time for Me

Monday ended up being the perfect morning for me to just spend some time relaxing and having some “me time” and it was just what I needed. The boys headed to a farm to get a tour and the ladies headed into town to check out some shops. I decided I would just stay back at the house and relax a little.

I called home and spoke to C and my Mom which was really nice and I organized out suitcases because our clothes were literally everywhere. I was able to do a load of laundry which was perfect since I didn’t pack for the weather we are having and I have been wearing the same jeans for days.

Then I decided I would get a workout in. I got all ready to go out and I was going to do a wod outside on the driveway and incorporate some sprints but the weather had other plans for me and it started pouring rain. So our host suggested I could use a room upstairs and it was perfect. I decided to do a wod I had found on Pinterest which was a 20 minute AMRAP but instead I did it as four rounds because I hate ending mid round.

It felt really good after two days of resting to get a workout in. I was out of breath but I think I am having a challenge because of this virus I am fighting.

I plan to spend some time reading my book so I can be all caught up on it and hopefully watch the movie on the flight home (if it’s still playing).

Tomorrow we are driving to Rotorua for our next stop and spending a couple days there. I am excited because it sounds like a really fun place with tons to do!

Do you have a favourite at home workout you want to share?


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