Our Adventure Continues

The next leg of our adventure in New Zealand took us to Rotorua. We went for one final tour around Palmerston North with our hosts before J and I hit the road and we saw some amazing sights.

I feel like the pictures don’t do it justice at all in showing off how beautiful it is. We went through a gorge that was incredible and up a mountain to a wind farm that had the most spectacular views.

Then J and I hit the road again to our next stop. We took a longer route to take in more scenery and it was a really nice drive. We drove through the Hawkes Bay region where if we loved wine it would be a dream because there were a ton of wineries there. We didn’t stop at any of them but we did stop at a chocolate shop and a fruit stand for some goodies.

We got to Rotorua later afternoon and we got ourselves ready and headed into town to an area called Eat Streat where there are a ton of restaurants to choose from.


Our dinner was incredible. J had lamb and I had an amazing jerk chicken sandwich. We had a tasting selection of craft beers and started with a polenta appetizer (which they call entree here in NZ). It was delicious. We went to another spot for another couple drinks before we headed back to our hotel.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day. We have been doing a lot of driving (well J has mostly since driving on the wrong side of the road just frightens me) but we have been having a lot of fun doing it.

It really has been an amazing trip so far. We are in the final stretch of it but we’ve done so much. Every time I look around me here I realize how lucky we are to have this trip together. It really feels like a once in a lifetime trip.

Have you ever felt like you are experiencing a once in a lifetime feeling?
I swear I have had so many of those moments in the last couple years. I’m such a lucky girl.


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