Our Last Stop: Auckland

Our final stop on our New Zealand was 2 nights in Takapuna Beach in Auckland. It was a really trendy area with tons of cafés and restaurants and lots of shopping. We stayed at the Castle Spencer on Byron and it was a posh kind of hotel. The rooms were fine, nothing incredible but the beds were comfy.

It had a rooftop pool which was really nice.


Our first night we went to a place called Mexico and was really excited for Mexican food. We were disappointed with the food because it wasn’t traditional Mexican food at all. It was kind of strange flavours that weren’t really our thing.

The next morning we got up and went to the hotel gym. It was an awesome gym with actual barbells which I find rare in hotel gyms. J and I did an awesome leg workout with lots of squats and deadlifts and a bunch of lunges. It was awesome to work out together. I had a lot of fun. After they we got showered and hit the town. I did some shopping and we got lunch at a really yummy sushi place. The views of the beach were amazing.

After we got back we checked out the hotel pool for awhile. Then I went for a walk along the water and I found some more shops and restaurants to try.

We met some friends for dinner that we met at the wedding and we had a nice visit with them. It was really a nice way to spend our last night in New Zealand. There was a triathlon going on in the city and we watched that for awhile too which was really cool.

Saturday morning we checked out and spent some more time by the water and had lunch at a pub we found. It was our last day and our flight left that evening so we made the most of our time remaining.


It’s sad that this amazing holiday has come to an end but I feel so grateful that I was able to visit such an amazing place. It honestly was a once in a lifetime trip for sure. I will never forget it.


Have you ever been on a once in a lifetime trip?


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