The Real World is Hard

We got home from our amazing vacation on Saturday night. We arrived home just after 11 pm. It was a looooong day of travel and it felt really good to be home. Despite the frigid temperatures we arrived to. I had to wait to see C until the morning since we were home too late.

She did wake me up in the morning and we spent the day together. We did groceries and I did lots of laundry and we shared a few snuggles. With an 18 hour time difference it has taken some adjusting to it. It took a few days to hit us when we got there and I think it’s hitting me again now.

Monday was Family Day and it was a long weekend (thank god)!! There was a family workout at my gym so C and I went to that.

4 rounds
1 min push ups
1 min squats
1 min sit ups
1 min box step ups
1 min rest

At the beginning of each minute the adults did 5 burpees and the kids did 3 burpees.

We had a great time together and C did great! We were both pretty tired after. When we got home we had some couch time and then I got to work doing some meal prep. I made a big batch of turkey meatball quinoa soup and a crockpot full of turkey chili. I’m pretty stocked for the week.


Today was my first day back to work and this morning was hard. So hard. Getting up and getting ready sucked. But I made it through the day and it wasn’t so bad. We made a delicious pancake dinner to celebrate Pancake Tuesday.


The night had the perfect finish with some more cuddle time on the couch with my girl.


what did you do to celebrate family day?


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