Kicking Ass Unexpectedly

I have been feeling pretty crappy this week and I am attributing it to adjusting to the time change or I guess jet lag? I have a gross feeling in my stomach and today I had a headache and a real lack of energy.

I had packed my gym bag but was telling myself throughout the day that I probably wouldn’t go because of how I was feeling. Then at 4 pm I decided well I’m going because I’m going to feel crappy regardless so I might as well try it.

We started with strength and did a 3
RM push press. I worked up to 85 lbs which I was happy with considering I haven’t done heavy push press in over two weeks and I wasn’t feeling 100%. Once we found our 3 rm we did that same weight for max rep back squats. We did two rounds of those and I did 13 for the first set and 10 for the second.

15 min AMRAP
5 push ups
10 squats
15 sit ups

I got just over 15 rounds done. The most exciting news was that I didn’t drop to my knees at all for ANY of those push ups. My coach noticed about the 13th round and asked have you done them with no knees this whole time?! I proudly said yep! It felt amazing. I got home and had to take a flex photo because I felt amazing and pumped.


Can I also just point out that amazing shirt?! Here’s a better look:

A friend of mine made it and sent it to me. She has a clothing line called Bird Apparel ( she has an etsy shop and you should definitely check it out). She doesn’t just print on the shirt. She actually sewed the shirt. It’s so comfy and obvi so cute too. I love it.

We got home and I had someone pop over so it was a late dinner. I had my yummy turkey chili that I prepped on Monday and it was very tasty. The perfect meal for another cold and snowy night. The perfect end to a day that really turned itself around. Let’s hope another early night means I feel better tomorrow.

What’s your perfect meal on a cold night?


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