My Valentine

Valentine’s Day was spent on a plane flying home from our honeymoon in beautiful New Zealand.  We agreed we had spent a lot on ourselves and each other the last few months and we were so fortunate to have been able to go on that trip that we really didn’t need to do anything else as a “Valentine”.  We definitely didn’t need to have a day to express our love after we had such a beautiful wedding day not so long ago.

the most perfect day
the most perfect day

I honestly feel so blessed every day to have J in my life.  So I wanted to draft a poem to express my love for him on Valentine’s Day (ok, kind of late but still…).

Dear J,

You make my heart skip a beat

You put up with my freezing feet

You are the funniest guy I know

I hope you realize how I love you so

I love the many ways you make me laugh

And how incredible it is watching you deliver a calf (it’s true!)

like this little cutie
like this little cutie

You know how to cheer me up when I get blue

I am so lucky I get to spend forever with you

I admire how hard you work every day

And how you don’t get upset with me when I get in your way

I think your patience is incredible

Incredible is a hard word to rhyme…

You have mad skills when it comes to cooking

When you dance in the car I am always looking

When it comes to C you are the very best

You definitely pass the step dad test


Meeting you changed my life

Thank you J for making me your wife


I love you J.  xoxo


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