The Art of Laziness

This weekend I am perfecting the art of laziness.  I have a crapload to do honestly but I am trying to intertwine it with laziness as much as I can.  Friday’s work day was crazy.  I could have stayed for hours later than I did but at 4pm I said that’s enough, I’m out and headed to the gym.  The wod was the kind that after I read it I knew it was going to be rough.  As weird as it sounds- I freaking love those wods.

EMOTM – 15 minutes

1 clean

3 front squats

2 push press

*lunges/ burpees/ sit ups

When the clocked beeped on the minute it was the clean, squats and presses.  Then whatever was remaining was where we did lunges, then next round burpees, and next round sit ups, then back to lunges etc.  We counted those reps and totalled them up.  I started off with 65 lbs which was heavy after 4 rounds I knew I wouldn’t make the whole 15 minutes and asked my coach to drop it for me and I went down to 55 lbs for the rest of the workout.

That evening J and I decided to go out since C was at her Grandma’s for the night.  We went to a new sushi/ dim sum restaurant.  Then we had planned to go watch a band at our favourite local pub.  The problem with that plan is we always eat too much when we go for sushi and then we just want to go home and lay down.


Sooooooo, you can imagine what happened next.  We went home and laid on the couch and watched Dateline.  I know, I know.  We are newlyweds kicking it on a Friday night.  It was pretty wonderful.

Saturday morning I got up later than planned and discovered it was snowing.  More snow?  Awesome.  At least the snow meant it was a little warmer than the frigid temperatures we have been having lately.  I made myself breakfast and it was the perfect meal for before the gym.

good morning.
good morning.

The workout was a team challenge.  I was paired with two of the strongest girls, and our coach said he paired us based on our skill levels and I felt pretty amazing when I heard that knowing who my partners were.  Here’s what we did:

P1- row

P2- plate push x 4

P3- 140 back squats, 140 push press, 200 thrusters

We changed based on when the partner was done the plate pushes.  The partner who took over the lifting just picked up on the reps where the last partner left off.  I felt amazing when it was done.  When I got home I relaxed for awhile before I got out and did some running around that I needed to do.  My errands took longer than they needed to because it was snowing.  It snowed all day!  Once I got home, I had spurts of productiveness mixed in with spurts of laziness.  It was awesome actually.

For the evening I decided all I wanted to do was one thing.

that's it.
that’s it.

J was out for the evening so C and I decided to have a lazy night.  We ordered pizza, made popcorn, watched the Grammy’s and played the game of Life on the IPad.  It was nice to have that time together.


I still have a lot to accomplish this weekend but I do have one more day.  I think I can get everything done and still squeeze in some more laziness.  That’s what the weekend is for right?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like to have lazy time on the weekend?


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