Oh Hello Old Friend

Is it just me or is this the looooooongest week ever?  Seriously.  On Tuesday morning I thought it was Wednesday and it continued like that all week long.  I am glad tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is upon us.  It needs to end because I can’t take much more of this week.


I feel like I have spent a lot of time on my couch this week.  I have been soooo tired.  The cold weather doesn’t help at all, it’s like all I want to do is come home and get under the covers.  I was able to make it Wednesday to the gym and it was a super sweaty workout.  I had a bit of a stiff neck Tuesday night and it was worse on Wednesday when I woke up and it bothered me all day long.  For strength we were doing strict press, I did 5 reps at 55 lbs and then moved up and did a couple reps at 65 lbs but it started to hurt my neck so I switched to front squats while the others finished pressing.


1 min- 5 dumbbell thrusters, rest of minute lunges

1 min – 3 manmakers, rest of minute burpees

1 min- 10 ankle touches each side, rest of minute bicycles

We did this twice then got a one minute rest, then we repeated the cycle two more times.  Then we finished it off with a one minute plank.  This was one that made me more tired than I thought.  I need to remember this one because I can definitely do it again at home.

I am not sure if many of my readers know but I am a big instagrammer.  Sometimes I think maybe I am an over-instagrammer?  I do take A LOT of selfies.  #sorrynotsorry  Anyway, something super cool happened to me today and the band Walk off the Earth followed me!!!!  WHAAAAAAT????  I was pretty excited about it.

can you even believe it???
can you even believe it???

I worked late tonight and was rushed to get C in time.  She was supposed to have Brownies tonight but we had a voice mail saying it was cancelled.  She wasn’t as disappointed as I thought and I was happy that it meant I was home for the night.  I wanted to do a small workout.  I got changed and opted for my Bob Marley t shirt I got in Jamaica to warm me up.


I started with some leg hangs and sits on my pull up bar.  While I was hanging there I remembered that I still had my fitness circle from back in the days where I did Pilates on the regular.  It’s also called a Pilates ring, or a power circle.  I did a quick search for some reminders of moves for with it.  I found a whole bunch including a video.  I followed along with the video and it felt amazing.  I felt it so much in more core.  I forgot how much I loved Pilates.  I think I want to do it more often.  I might even take a class or two.

reunited with my old friend
reunited with my old friend

I have been thinking a lot that it would be good for me to do some Yoga and get my stretch on a little. Even just a mini session here and there.  I have tried in the past but haven’t been able to find times that work with my schedule.  I think it would be awesome to find a yoga buddy.  J- what about you?  You wanna yoga with me??? xoxo

I hope everyone’s week has been speedier than mine and here’s to the weekend!!

Do you do yoga regularly?

Have you ever used a fitness circle? 

If you have can you recommend some good exercises to me!


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