Feeling All the Love

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m not going to tell you how old I am because I am in denial. I don’t know what it is about this year but I really just was not looking forward to my birthday. I was really hung up on the “getting older” part of it and it’s silly. First of all this year is not a major milestone birthday. It’s just another year. But I’m just not ready. 

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and felt really down right from the moment I got up.  I treated myself to a donut before work and it was a perfect treat.  Work was work except mixed with birthday greetings from those who managed to find out. I decided since it was my birthday I got to leave a bit early and left a half hour early. It was perfect because I got to see J and have a quick cuddle before he left. I also found this waiting for me.  

In case I haven’t said it lately I am the luckiest lady.  J is so good to me. I got changed really quick after opening my goodies and headed to the gym. I wasn’t supposed to make it but our plans changed. My coach has a birthday workout planned but that’s going to be today instead. 

We did strength first and did 5 sets of 3 back squats. I worked up to 105 lbs. In between we did strict pull ups.  Then the wod was sit ups and push ups with a row. It was 12 minutes and then we finished with more ab work. 

When I got home I got ready for dinner with a nice warm and cozy shower. I tried out my new Bumble and Bumble beach spray and I have to say for the first time ever I think I came close to pulling off the beachy wave look. Not perfect but close.  


We went to my favourite Thai restaurant and when we came home I was greeted with more treats from J for dessert.  Here’s some more of my spoils.  


I also received a ton of Facebook and Instagram greetings and texts from friends. It sure did make me feel loved. 

Here’s to another year. Not getting older, just more loved. xoxox

Do you love having birthday celebrations?

I am starting to like it a little more low key as I age. 


Feeling The Pre-Birthday Love

After a fun night just the three of us bowling (I lost all three games) I was lucky enough to sleep in and wake up to a kiss from my girl. We got up and headed out to do groceries before my parents arrived. 

We got them done and were home relaxing when my parents arrived. We had a nice little visit before we headed down to the restaurant for my birthday lunch. My sister and her boyfriend met us there and I felt so lucky to have everyone together. 

We went back to the Aberdeen Tavern where we had an amazing brunch. I had heard they had pretty amazing brunch and after our meal there last weekend I was eager to try it out. There were a few different things I wanted to try but as sooner as the server told us the specials I was sold. Half the table got the same thing. We got breakfast poutine. 


Can you even believe this?  The best fries, breakfast sausage, fondue sauce and that’s a deep fried poached egg on top. It was simply incredible. I loved every last bite of it. 

C got French toast and she loved it. She told us no offence, but it was the best French toast she has ever tried. She is excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow. 

When we got home my parents left and I decided to go for a quick run. I ran at a nice decent steady pace for about 3 km. Then I came home and did this shoulder workout and some serious foam rolling. I loved the shoulder work and will definitely do that one again. 

We had a nice family dinner and a few games of Mario Cart to finish off the night. It was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend with my favourite people. 

Life is good. And I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better. xoxox 

Breakfast poutine- thoughts? 

Sweatpants for Days and Feeling Grateful

I love Fridays. I always seem to be in such a good mood and it’s a little more relaxed around the office. It helps I can wear jeans to work too. It’s comfy and relaxed and that’s a pretty great way to be at work. I wish it was sweatpants day at work though. Now that would be amazing.


After work I went to the gym (obvi) and had an awesome workout.  It was another partner wod.  My partner was a girl who is about 6 months pregnant and has the cutest belly ever.  I couldn’t keep up with her.  I was impressed!

18 min AMRAP

20 manmakers (1)

3 sit ups (3)

40 push press (5)

Basically the numbers in brackets were how many reps you did at a time per partner, so for manmakers, I did one then my partner did one and so on until we hit 20.  The same for the sit ups, I did three then she did three.  For push press we used 55 lbs.  We got through three rounds and did about half our manmakers for our fourth round.  I was happy with how we did.  Then we did some ab work as a group before heading home.

J took me out for dinner and I had a delicious meal.  I had cabbage roll soup to start and then I ordered the fried chicken and it was so good.  No pictures sadly, I wish I had taken some because it looked soooo tasty.  I do have this picture which cracks me up.

Found this when I searched the word "cozy".
Found this when I searched the word “cozy”.

C stayed at her grandma’s last night so this morning I had such an amazing relaxing morning.  I made myself breakfast and ate it on the couch catching up on one of my shows.  It was so quiet and relaxing and a really nice treat to start off the day.  I went to the gym for 10 am and we had our final team challenge of the week.

1:30 of each movement

push press

dumbbell thrusters

KB swings

then a 1:30 rest

1:30 of each movement

back squats

dumbbell thrusters

KB swings

We did this two times.  The idea was to make it heavy.  I used 75 lbs for the push press and 85 lbs for the back squats.  Then we did another small wod that had us doing mountain climbers, sit ups and planks.  I liked today’s wods a lot, it was nice to do more lifting and less burpees and manmakers etc after the week of killer workouts we had.

After the gym J and I went to the mall.  It’s my birthday weekend so we went shopping for a birthday gift.  He wanted to let me pick something out.  I decided on a watch from Fossil.   I will post in another post when I have a picture of me wearing it.  I love it.  We treated ourselves to Yogen Fruz and then headed to our next stop- the Bulk Barn.  I wanted to go there and get a package of Flapjacked Pancake mix.  I make protein pancakes all the time with a couple different recipes.  I have heard about these so thought I would give them a try.  IMG_8506I will let you know how they are once I try them.  The downside of them is we had to go to Bulk Barn to get it, and Bulk Barn has a lot of treats.  We obvi left with an assortment of bulk snacks.

Tonight we have a family night planned that should be lots of fun.  I am feeling so grateful for so much this weekend.  My amazing husband who is spoiling me so much.  My beautiful daughter who makes me laugh and is a pretty amazing bowler.  My awesome gym family who I love to see every Saturday morning.  I’ve got something pretty great going and life is good for me right now.


What are you grateful for this weekend?

Have you tried Flapjacked pancakes?

And on Thursday I Rested…

Thursday C has Brownies so I don’t go to the gym.  Often though I will run or do something else like a yoga/ pilates workout.  I had chiro after work and she worked on my super tight IT bands.  It was mild but damp out and I planned to run, however, I just didn’t want to get a chill.  I have had really tough wods this week and I thought maybe I should just take the night off and relax.


I think the tough workouts we have done this week really caught up with me.  I never recapped Wednesday and it was a doozy.  What we did was 10-1-10 front squats and burpees.  It was a partner wod, so while I did the 10 front squats and burpees, she did wall sit, then she did her 10, and I did wallsit,  Then I did 9 and she did 9, then 8 etc.  It was really tough.  some people switched to push ups instead of burpees but I stuck with it.  We got all the way down to 1 and back up to 7.  I would say we kicked ass on this wod.

For dinner that night I made homemade burgers out of half lean ground beef and half ground chicken.  I overcooked them but when I covered them with guac and the Bolthouse Salsa Ranch Yogurt dressing, it was pretty good.

flavourful hockey pucks
flavourful hockey pucks

Back to my rest day, it pretty much consisted of laundry, dinner and my couch.  I was up to bed at 930 and slept like a baby.  Not a bad way to spend the evening.  I feel like I am definitely ready to face Friday like a champ now.

How often do you enjoy a rest day?

Another Team Challenge

Last night at the gym we had another team workout since it is partner week. I was in a team of three, one was one of the guys that is always there and the other was my fave girl.  This wod was nuts!!!

50 plate pushes

150 burpees

100 overhead lunges

100 box step ups

100 kettlebell swings

50 plate pushes

The burpees kicked my ass in this one. We broke everything up and took turns doing the plate pushes and then split the burpees into 5’s. It took us just over 29 minutes to get this one done.  I got home and I felt amazing. So of course I took a selfie.

J had out ribs in the slow cooker so dinner was pretty much ready when I got home. It was awesome and so delicious.   

The rest of my evening was very relaxing. C and I watched The Voice and cuddled up on the couch. Speaking of cuddled up- check out this cutie.

 I love how cute she is sleeping all curled up. It’s adorable.

Do you have any pets? 


How do you relax after work? 

Just Breathe

Monday booooo. I know. Every week it’s the same obligatory I hate Mondays post on here. It just feels right you know?  After such a wonderful weekend it is just that much harder. 

We took C and her friend to see Cinderella yesterday and it was such a good movie. I loved it. C didn’t love it as much, she thought it was really sad and it was.  She is quite sensitive and the movie was a little heavy for her in some parts. 

For dinner we had bought a flank steak which was really inexpensive but it was so delicious. J made a marinade and he really is the best at making steak. Our dinner was incredible.   

Today I had a rough day. I got frustrated and let my emotions get the best of me. 

 This is kind of where I am at right now. Mid meltdown but I’m working on it and doing my best to refocus. 

After work I headed to the gym. It’s one of my favourite weeks, it’s partner workout week. Today’s was in groups of three but there weren’t enough people so I was working just in a pair. The kicker was we still had the same workout with the same reps. Whaaaat?? 


1500 m row

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1500 m row 

During these movements there were other movements for our partners such as lunges, wall sits and sit ups and some rest. In our case not very much rest. We finished in just over 36 minutes. 

For dinner it was just C and I as J had a meeting.  I made us fish tacos. For C it was just fish and cheese but mine looked like this. 


It was pretty incredible if I do say so myself.  After dinner I got caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and treated myself.   

Now I think I’m going to treat myself up a nice long extended sleep. I am wiped and I need to feel my pillow and blankets. 

How did you treat yourself today? 

A Nice Little Sunday

I took another unexpected break from here.  I’m sorry friends, I am finding it tough to get time to sit down and record all my thoughts as often as I would like to.  Then I sit here and try and rack my brains as to what I did over the last few days to get it al down and I realize my memory sucks.  I used to have an amazing memory, then I got pregnant with C and baby brain took over.  The thing about baby brain is – you never get it back!  Here I am almost nine years later and my memory is still shot.  That being said, I did go to the gym on Thursday night, C came with me.  But I cannot for the life of me remember what I did.  I know there were manmakers and kettlebell swings, but I really don’t remember the wod at all.

Friday I was EXHAUSTED.  Like more than I can even describe.


I was struggling all day.  I was lucky enough to get out a bit early from work and I sat down on my bed and literally fell asleep within minutes.  I snoozed for about 15 minutes and then got myself up and ready and headed to the gym.  I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea or not, but I knew the workout was a chipper and I love those.

WOD- 20 min AMRAP

30 pull ups

30 thrusters

30 box steps

30 push press

30 lunges

30 jack knives

30 back squats

The catch was EMOTM we did 3 burpees.  Man this was a rough one.  I started to feel like I would never get through it all, I knew I was going slower than the rest of the group which I know doesn’t matter at all.  I was so close to tears at one point, and I think its just because I was tired. In the end I was really glad I went and did the workout.

That evening we had a gathering at our neighbours house and it was really fun.  They had some amazing appetizers out and J’s parents were there too.  It was a good evening.  We weren’t out too late so I did manage to get a really good sleep.

Saturday morning started off right with a yummy breakfast.


C and I headed off to the gym for my usual Saturday morning team challenge workout.  It was an awesome workout.  We had a team of three and we did plate pushes, deadlifts (115 lbs), back squats (95 lbs) and man makers.  It was killer and we worked really hard.  When we finished that we did another short wod that had high knees, wall sits and ankle touches.

C and I went to the mall after and I bought some new outfits as a treat.  My birthday is coming up so I figured it was the perfect time to spoil myself.  We had dinner plans with friends at a restaurant that J made reservations for.  This place is so good, and so busy you have to make reservations weeks in advance.

the look
the look

The food was AMAZING.  I didn’t take any photos sadly but I can’t even describe how good everything was.  I shared appetizers with my friend and I had the prosciutto and melon salad and she had the aracini.  Both were amazing.  My entrée was a butternut squash ravioli and it was so good as well.  I can’t wait to go back there.

This morning was nice because J was off and made us a nice breakfast.  Then we all went to do grocery shopping.

a family outing
a family outing

This afternoon we have plans to take C and a friend to see Cinderella.  I am excited as well because- popcorn.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! xoxo