Time for a Recap

I have been a little bit MIA since Friday and apologize but holy crap the weekend went fast and I have been so busy!  I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing these days.  It’s like you blink and just like that it’s March already.


The weekend flew by and before I knew it I was saying goodnight to Sunday and good morning to Monday.  I started off the weekend with a workout on Friday which included deadlifts.  We did the wod before the strength and it went like this:


1 Turkish Get Up

5 kettlebell swings

ladder pull ups (so round one it was one, round two it was two, etc).

Then we did our strength wod if we wanted to stick around.  We were deadlifting, working to a one rep max.  Me and another guy stayed and lifted and we just shared a bar.  I was really trying to pull 205 lbs but sadly it just wasn’t happening and I had to settle on 185 lbs.  I was happy with it considering it was after the workout.

Friday night when I got home we had plans to have dinner at J’s grandparents house and it was delicious.  We had such a good meal and stayed to chat for awhile.  We were all really tired for some reason Friday night so we headed home and pretty much went right to bed.  We tried to watch a dateline but we both fell asleep on the couch.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the gym after breakfast.  The wod was a team challenge and it was two guys and one girl on each team.  Here’s what we did:

20 min AMRAP

15 back squats

10 push press

200 m row

15 box jumps

* if you finished your movement that you were on before your team mates then you just did burpees and we kept a team total of burpees.

This was a killer wod.  I did 95 lbs for the back squats and it was HEAVY.  I did 55 lbs for my push press.  I was sore after that wod and knew Sunday would be a fun day for my legs.  I wasn’t wrong about that either.  The rest of the weekend included lots of running around and family time and a birthday party for a good friend.

On Sunday morning J texted to tell me that one of my favourite cows was calving and so C and I headed over to the barn to see the miracle ourselves.  It was a beautiful little calf- well apparently she was a big calf but I thought she was a small one.


Sunday we had a family dinner at my sister in laws house with my in laws and it was nice to be all together.  And just like that the weekend was over.  It happened so fast!

Monday morning I got up a little earlier and did a short morning Yoga routine.  I want to try and do that every morning if I can, just to get a good stretch as I find with the lifting I do and the type of workouts, I need to allow myself more time to stretch.  I also find it a nice way to start the day. I am hoping to keep it up.

Monday after work I went to the gym.  It wasn’t my usual class, and I brought C with me.  She was so good, she just sits at the side and did her homework.  I am lucky to have such an awesome little girl.  We started with strength and we were doing back squats.  We did 3 sets of 5 reps and then another 3 sets of 3 reps.  I managed to get a PR in both sets.  I repped 5 at 125 lbs, and hit 135 lbs for 3.  Not too shabby right!  I felt great.

10 min

3 push ups- pyramid box steps up to 15 and then back down

I managed to do real push ups for the whole work out without lowering onto my knees.  Then we did some sets of wallsits, and then a Tabata of situps and v-sits.  It was tough!  When there is no rest in the tabata it is no joke!  Our rest was v-sits!  Ouch!  I can feel it in my abs today.

I had to make a stop on the way home for a couple groceries and while I was at the register I saw the chocolate bar selections and I decided to get one for J.  I had been kind of grouchy over the weekend.  I have been a little stressed and we were busy and I was tired and no excuses, I was a bit of a cranky pants.  So I bought J a chocolate bar and I left it for him with a note.

romance Melissa styles
romance Melissa styles

He did appreciate it and he did enjoy it.  I am just trying to keep the romance alive now that we are a married couple.  I just don’t want the honeymoon to end.

So that my friends is the whirl wind of my last few days… lets hope the rest of the week goes super fast too.  xoxo

How was your weekend- did it fly by for you


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