I Appreciate All I Have

This past weekend J and I went out for dinner.  We got a babysitter because originally we had plans with another couple, but they fell through.  We decided to take advantage of the fact that we had a sitter arranged, and C was pretty excited to hang out with her so J and I went to dinner.  J did some research and we went to a restaurant that he found that got good reviews.  The restaurant was called The Ship.  Its a really cute setting and the menu has some pretty amazing things to choose from.  One side of the menu is all different kinds of burgers.

We started off with Coconut Shrimp and an order of the Crab Cakes.  Both were really good.  Then for our entrée I ordered the fish tacos and J had a fried chicken burger that was super delicious.  I was a little jealous of his, and will admit I was a little disappointed in the tacos.


We had a nice night out and on our way back to the car we were stopped by a man with a bike.  He was really polite and explained that the local shelter charges $18 a night and he wasn’t asking for the whole amount, but if we could help at all he would appreciate it.  I gave him $5.  He was eyeing our leftovers and J asked him if he was hungry, he said he was, so we gave him our leftovers.  I had two fish tacos left so we gave him those and he seemed so happy.  We felt really good about it.

It started a whole conversation in the car about how do things get so bad for people and how quickly things life can change.  Its scary really, and its so sad. It opened my eyes to how lucky we are and how much we should appreciate everything we have.


Hope you are having a good week friends! xoxo


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