Feeling Pretty and Freezing Rain

This week was a crazy one for me and it seemed like NOTHING went as planned.  I couldn’t get out of work on time, I had things to do but just couldn’t get them done.  It seemed like nothing was going my way.  Tuesday night I was supposed to go get my hair done, but Mother Nature had other plans…. AGAIN.  She brought more snow and this time decided to through in some freezing rain.

imagesDVJRMPALSadly my hair appointment was rescheduled and my roots lived another day.  Wednesday was a much better day and I was able to go and get prettied up again.  I didn’t get to the gym which was disappointing because it is my usual day and I like to follow my schedule for my workouts.  But, I did get to spend the evening with my good friend getting a new look.

the before
the before

I wanted to try something new this time, and maybe lighten up for the Spring.  Maybe Mother Nature would get the hint… since I have the red in my hair we couldn’t go quite to the colours that I wanted right away but I love the look I ended up with.  Check out my new Ombrè look:

love it!
love it!

I feel really great with my new look and seriously have the best hair stylist ever!  I didn’t get home until quite late and had to get up super early so it was a straight to bed kind of night.  Thursday was a busy day as well and I managed to get out of work early enough to go to Service Ontario and take care of officially changing my documents to show my new last name.  I have been trying to get there for weeks and just haven’t been able to make it work.  I got there today and am officially sharing my husbands last name!  Sometimes I still get this feeling that comes over me and I remember we are married and its like oh yeah!!!  And it brings a big smile to my face.  That day was so perfect and I love being able to call J my husband.

Lets hope Friday goes fast and the weekend goes slowwwwww.  Its a long weekend for me and we have some pretty exciting plans, I cant wait to fill you in on the details.


Are you thinking of doing a new look for Spring?

I usually lighten up a little for spring.  I change colour so often, it keeps it interesting.


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