The Maiden Voyage 

After sacrificing the gym for couch time on Monday I was feeling pretty lazy. My morning stretch and yoga sessions have fallen victim to me not wanting to get out of bed so I’m not feeling super accomplished in the gym department this week. 

I did make it Wednesday after work and we did deadlifts as our strength. I am perma tired and achy (I think from stress) so I didn’t go too heavy. I kept it at 125 lbs for sets of 2 reps. 

WOD- 15 min AMRAP 

10 push press

12 lunges

3 knees to elbows

12 box step ups 

The kicker of this one was the clock beeped every minute and we had to stop where we were at and bang off three burpees then go back to the AMRAP. It was tough. Also I haven’t done knees to elbows in a while.  I felt like a monkey swinging away up there on the bar. 

Today was another beautiful sunny day. The days are longer so I took the opportunity when C got picked up for brownies to head out for a run and take my new shoes on their maiden voyage.  

It felt good to run again, it had been way too long. I went for 5 km.  It wasn’t my best run but I felt good when I got home. When I got back to the house I did high knee lunges up the driveway. It’s a pretty long driveway so there were lots. 

When I got in I wanted a cool down so I did some yoga and Pilates and some foam rolling to cool down. I put on some Bon Iver and got bendy and stretchy and it felt so good. 

My kitten got really into it. I wish I has captured a picture of her at one point she was doing the downward dog stretch with it. It was adorable.  

J made us a delicious dinner of cashew chicken. I attempted a slow cooker version earlier in the week and it was a fail. I was still thinking about it so we came up with a better version and had that tonight. It was so yummy. 

Now it’s time for me to tuck into bed and fall asleep with the happiness of knowing tomorrow is Friday and I have a girls night to look forward to. 


Does your pet join you when you stretch?

Our one kitten Butch won’t leave me alone when I’m doing mat work. 


3 thoughts on “The Maiden Voyage 

    • Hi! I will work on that for sure. We kind of just threw stuff in a bowl for the sauce and tasted and added as we went. Next time we make it I will try and make notes to get something down and post it.

  1. Just found your blog and I love the title! I feel ya on the morning workout… I don’t know if it’s daylight savings or what, but trying to fit anything in seems impossible!

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