Let’s Catch Up Shall We?

Oh heyyyyyyy!!!

I realize it’s been awhile since I have checked in here but it has been a whirlwind.  The weekend was so busy that it literally flew by.  I had a Friday  workout to recap but I honestly can’t remember what it was.  Friday was a ladies night and it was so.much.fun.  It was much needed and we had such a great time.  There were 5 of us and we went to a friend’s first and had so many laughs, then we headed to a really fun little bar and danced to an amazing band.  It was a really late night and I didn’t get home until after 3 am!!!

Saturday morning I was feeling a little rough but forced myself to go to the gym anyway.  It was ROUGH.  After several drinks the night before and not very much sleep, I definitely struggled in my workout.  The thing is it was a team challenge and I think that was a good thing because it forced me to push myself more than I likely would have.  I don’t recall exactly what the workout was but it involved rowing, Turkish get ups, and burpee pull ups.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing, I had an unsatisfying nap on the couch.  J and I had a stag and doe to attend that night so it was another late night.

It’s March Break which means no school for C.  She was lucky to have the opportunity to spend a few days at my parents with my niece and nephew for some quality cousin time.  It also meant I had a little more freedom for my workout times.  I went to a later class Monday.  It meant I could get some more work done, but it was disappointing because I knew I wouldn’t have my usual crew with me.  However, when I got into the washroom to get changed my girl was there getting changed too and it turned out she was also doing the late class!!!  I was pretty happy to see her.  It was just us another girl for the workout.


16 box step ups

3 bear complex*

16 ring dips

3 man makers

*Bear complex is : power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press

This was not an easy wod at all.  It was a16 minute AMRAP.  I think I did about 3-4 rounds.

I went and did a couple of errands afterwards and the evening was spent doing some work and some laundry.  J was home very late due to his work.  I bought this awesome and super cheap sweatshirt and I love it.


Tuesday was another busy and long day.  I had planned to hit up the gym as a special treat since I rarely can on Tuesday’s.  However, it didn’t happen, I couldn’t get done in time.  So I decided to drive into town and go for a quick little run.  It was a nice sunny evening but there was a cold wind.  I planned to do a 3 km route but discovered the path I wanted to take was flooded, so the long way had me going about 4 km I would guess.  I had some discomfort in my toe area and had bad feeling about what I would find when I took off my shoe.


I guess my toenail was cutting my foot the whole time I was running.  When I got home I was careful to take some time and do some foam rolling and stretch properly.  My kitten decided to join me.  It was so cute because as I rolled forward I stroked her with my foot.  She loved it!!!

she is definitely good company
she is definitely good company

Tonight I went to the late class again and I was the only one there!   One guy did come in and do some lifting but I was on my own for the workout.  It was kind of like having personal training.  For strength I did deadlifts and worked to a one rep max.  I worked up to 185 lbs, and then did 3 sets of 2 reps at 145 lbs.


12 min EMOTM

3 pull ups

5 push press with dumbbells (I used 20 lbs)

sit ups/ planks for remainder of minute

I felt really good during this wod.  I had some strong looking pull ups and I pushed myself on the push press using heavier dumbbells more than I usually do.  I left feeling really strong and really good.  It was just what I needed after the crazy week I have had.

Let’s hope the rest of the week flies by and we can enjoy the weekend that much sooner!!


What’s a running injury you get occasionally?

I always get toenail cuts if I forget to trim them super low, or even worse I have lost a couple!


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