Another Team Challenge

Last night at the gym we had another team workout since it is partner week. I was in a team of three, one was one of the guys that is always there and the other was my fave girl.  This wod was nuts!!!

50 plate pushes

150 burpees

100 overhead lunges

100 box step ups

100 kettlebell swings

50 plate pushes

The burpees kicked my ass in this one. We broke everything up and took turns doing the plate pushes and then split the burpees into 5’s. It took us just over 29 minutes to get this one done.  I got home and I felt amazing. So of course I took a selfie.

J had out ribs in the slow cooker so dinner was pretty much ready when I got home. It was awesome and so delicious.   

The rest of my evening was very relaxing. C and I watched The Voice and cuddled up on the couch. Speaking of cuddled up- check out this cutie.

 I love how cute she is sleeping all curled up. It’s adorable.

Do you have any pets? 


How do you relax after work? 


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