And on Thursday I Rested…

Thursday C has Brownies so I don’t go to the gym.  Often though I will run or do something else like a yoga/ pilates workout.  I had chiro after work and she worked on my super tight IT bands.  It was mild but damp out and I planned to run, however, I just didn’t want to get a chill.  I have had really tough wods this week and I thought maybe I should just take the night off and relax.


I think the tough workouts we have done this week really caught up with me.  I never recapped Wednesday and it was a doozy.  What we did was 10-1-10 front squats and burpees.  It was a partner wod, so while I did the 10 front squats and burpees, she did wall sit, then she did her 10, and I did wallsit,  Then I did 9 and she did 9, then 8 etc.  It was really tough.  some people switched to push ups instead of burpees but I stuck with it.  We got all the way down to 1 and back up to 7.  I would say we kicked ass on this wod.

For dinner that night I made homemade burgers out of half lean ground beef and half ground chicken.  I overcooked them but when I covered them with guac and the Bolthouse Salsa Ranch Yogurt dressing, it was pretty good.

flavourful hockey pucks
flavourful hockey pucks

Back to my rest day, it pretty much consisted of laundry, dinner and my couch.  I was up to bed at 930 and slept like a baby.  Not a bad way to spend the evening.  I feel like I am definitely ready to face Friday like a champ now.

How often do you enjoy a rest day?


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