Sweatpants for Days and Feeling Grateful

I love Fridays. I always seem to be in such a good mood and it’s a little more relaxed around the office. It helps I can wear jeans to work too. It’s comfy and relaxed and that’s a pretty great way to be at work. I wish it was sweatpants day at work though. Now that would be amazing.


After work I went to the gym (obvi) and had an awesome workout.  It was another partner wod.  My partner was a girl who is about 6 months pregnant and has the cutest belly ever.  I couldn’t keep up with her.  I was impressed!

18 min AMRAP

20 manmakers (1)

3 sit ups (3)

40 push press (5)

Basically the numbers in brackets were how many reps you did at a time per partner, so for manmakers, I did one then my partner did one and so on until we hit 20.  The same for the sit ups, I did three then she did three.  For push press we used 55 lbs.  We got through three rounds and did about half our manmakers for our fourth round.  I was happy with how we did.  Then we did some ab work as a group before heading home.

J took me out for dinner and I had a delicious meal.  I had cabbage roll soup to start and then I ordered the fried chicken and it was so good.  No pictures sadly, I wish I had taken some because it looked soooo tasty.  I do have this picture which cracks me up.

Found this when I searched the word "cozy".
Found this when I searched the word “cozy”.

C stayed at her grandma’s last night so this morning I had such an amazing relaxing morning.  I made myself breakfast and ate it on the couch catching up on one of my shows.  It was so quiet and relaxing and a really nice treat to start off the day.  I went to the gym for 10 am and we had our final team challenge of the week.

1:30 of each movement

push press

dumbbell thrusters

KB swings

then a 1:30 rest

1:30 of each movement

back squats

dumbbell thrusters

KB swings

We did this two times.  The idea was to make it heavy.  I used 75 lbs for the push press and 85 lbs for the back squats.  Then we did another small wod that had us doing mountain climbers, sit ups and planks.  I liked today’s wods a lot, it was nice to do more lifting and less burpees and manmakers etc after the week of killer workouts we had.

After the gym J and I went to the mall.  It’s my birthday weekend so we went shopping for a birthday gift.  He wanted to let me pick something out.  I decided on a watch from Fossil.   I will post in another post when I have a picture of me wearing it.  I love it.  We treated ourselves to Yogen Fruz and then headed to our next stop- the Bulk Barn.  I wanted to go there and get a package of Flapjacked Pancake mix.  I make protein pancakes all the time with a couple different recipes.  I have heard about these so thought I would give them a try.  IMG_8506I will let you know how they are once I try them.  The downside of them is we had to go to Bulk Barn to get it, and Bulk Barn has a lot of treats.  We obvi left with an assortment of bulk snacks.

Tonight we have a family night planned that should be lots of fun.  I am feeling so grateful for so much this weekend.  My amazing husband who is spoiling me so much.  My beautiful daughter who makes me laugh and is a pretty amazing bowler.  My awesome gym family who I love to see every Saturday morning.  I’ve got something pretty great going and life is good for me right now.


What are you grateful for this weekend?

Have you tried Flapjacked pancakes?


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