Feeling The Pre-Birthday Love

After a fun night just the three of us bowling (I lost all three games) I was lucky enough to sleep in and wake up to a kiss from my girl. We got up and headed out to do groceries before my parents arrived. 

We got them done and were home relaxing when my parents arrived. We had a nice little visit before we headed down to the restaurant for my birthday lunch. My sister and her boyfriend met us there and I felt so lucky to have everyone together. 

We went back to the Aberdeen Tavern where we had an amazing brunch. I had heard they had pretty amazing brunch and after our meal there last weekend I was eager to try it out. There were a few different things I wanted to try but as sooner as the server told us the specials I was sold. Half the table got the same thing. We got breakfast poutine. 


Can you even believe this?  The best fries, breakfast sausage, fondue sauce and that’s a deep fried poached egg on top. It was simply incredible. I loved every last bite of it. 

C got French toast and she loved it. She told us no offence, but it was the best French toast she has ever tried. She is excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow. 

When we got home my parents left and I decided to go for a quick run. I ran at a nice decent steady pace for about 3 km. Then I came home and did this shoulder workout and some serious foam rolling. I loved the shoulder work and will definitely do that one again. 

We had a nice family dinner and a few games of Mario Cart to finish off the night. It was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend with my favourite people. 

Life is good. And I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better. xoxox 

Breakfast poutine- thoughts? 


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