Getting Back on Track(ish)

So after my pity party this week I made the decision try and make more of an effort to get back on track with my nutrition. 

I packed a healthy lunch including healthy snacks and decided I would log my eating for the day as well.   I used my fitness pal again to track my meals. 

My lunch was a delicious salad. I wasn’t that excited about it to be honest but it ended up being really good.  


Temptation is everywhere. A coworker brought me two timbits. I let them sit on my desk for a good 20 minutes debating whether or not to eat them. I ate one and gave the other one away.  I logged the one I ate in my food log at least. 

After work I headed to the gym. Our strength was 10 rep max of push press. I got to 60 lbs.  


14 min EMOTM

3 pull ups

7 kettlebell swings

9 squats

This was a tough one. It didn’t seem like it would be but it was tough. It was hard on my hands. The pull ups started ripping my callouses and the kettlebell didn’t help. 

When I got home I was so hungry. I started cooking dinner and that’s when I got snacky. I ate a handful of BBQ corn chips and a couple of slices of salami. That’s a really bad habit of mine, letting myself get too hungry and then just grabbing things that aren’t healthy. 

I made tacos for dinner and I had mine on some sweet potato nachos. It was so yummy. The portion was way too big though. 


It was so good.  Sadly I have no willpower whatsoever and we have peanut butter eggs in our house and I totally ate one of those too. What is wrong with me?  Ugh. I need a willpower replacement. 

In other news, I also did this arm workout challenge that me and my bestie agreed we would do together. Today was day one.  My arms were already feeling really sore from all the pull ups and our push presses but I got it done. 

Now it’s time to call it an early night. It’s like Friday tomorrow since we have a long weekend! xoxo

Do you track your food? 

How can I improve my will power?  

I need all the help I can get these days 


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