A Happy Little Easter

Long weekends go way too fast.  Add in all the holiday stuff and family visits and it’s over just like that.  We had a lot of fun this weekend though, Easter was definitely good to us.  Saturday morning we went to the gym.  The workout was a partner workout and it was warm enough to get some running in.

WOD- 18 min AMRAP

push press

OH lunges

20 sit ups (together)

*Basically one partner worked on the push press or lunges while the other did a parking lot sprint, then switch, then we did 20 sit ups together.

It felt great to get out and do some running.  I love these types of workouts where one runs while the other does another movement.  The run is a nice break from the lifting and vice versa.

After the gym we went to an Easter Egg hunt at a friends house for the afternoon.  Then we got our groceries in and went home to relax.  It felt like a long day and we both needed to chill out for awhile.  Saturday evening was a quiet one, we just hung out after a nice steak dinner with sweet potato fries.

Sunday I woke up to this face.

someone was a little excited about the Easter Bunny
someone was a little excited about the Easter Bunny

She was very patient and let me sleep until 8am.  We got up and she did her egg hunt and then I made pancakes for C and J that I attempted to shape like bunnies.  They turned out… ok I guess.  Not the best, but for someone who is not really very crafty I think it was a good attempt.  I made myself an egg over sweet potato fries and some turkey bacon.

this was the best of about six of them
this was the best of about six of them

C went to her Grandma’s for the day and the night and we went to a lunch at J’s parent’s house.  It was a nice family visit and the meal was so good, there was ham, lamb, hashbrown casserole, corn, and all the fixings.  I ate WAY too much and felt so full after.  I helped with chores and milking and got to go visit this little cutie.

she even let me pet her.
she even let me pet her.

When we got home I got our dinner together.  I had made the base of a Shepherd’s pie on Saturday evening so we topped it with cheese and Tator Tots and got this deliciousness.


It was soooooo yummy.  I definitely recommend doing this.  C wasn’t home to enjoy it but we have lots left and she can try it tonight.  I think she is really going to like it.  I know I can’t wait to have another serving tonight.  I was going to bring some for lunch but was healthy and packed a steak salad.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and that Monday is good to you.

Favourite Easter food?

peanut butter eggs.  hands down.  no question.


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