Just. Keep. Going.

My schedule is off this week, and I am big on schedules.  Monday I couldn’t go to my usual class at the gym because I had an appointment after work, so there was no workout for me.  I did get up early and do my arm challenge workout and some squats etc.  Tuesday I usually go but C’s schedule with Brownies had her going Tuesday this week instead of Thursday so there was some more shuffling.

My lunches this week have been delicious and super healthy.  I have been making salads with leftover steak, and avocado and hardboiled egg and I have really been enjoying them a lot.


I don’t normally look forward to a salad lunch, but these ones have been pretty delicious.  I have also been doing really well with packing healthy snacks and we have been making healthy dinners.  However, it’s the challenge of not snacking on anything else in between.  I have accepted that challenge and sadly have not been winning that battle.  It’s a work in progress and I am just going to keep going and doing my best with exercising will power.  I won’t be perfect but it’s something.

When I got home I got C ready for Brownies and took her over to her meeting.  I put my workout clothes on before I took her to encourage myself to work out when I got home.  Originally I had planned to run, but it was really cool and windy out so I was talking myself out of it.  When I got home from driving her, I told myself “just freaking do it”, so I put my excuses aside and geared up to go out and run.  I decided I wanted to do a HIIT sprint run instead of just a regular run.  I set up my timer for a 2 minute warm up, 12 intervals of 30 s fast and 1 min regular pace, and a 3 minute cool down.  I finished it in about 23 minutes and ran about 3km.  It did get cold for one stretch but it wasn’t that bad.

When I got home I did my arm challenge I told you about here that me and my bestie are doing together.   We are up to 10 reps of each movement per set, and 3 sets.  Stupid me, the other day I suggested that we add a set of burpees in to each set, so if we are doing 10 reps we do three sets of 10 burpees.  That was not my best idea, because I had to add those in as well.  I started making excuses and even said to J, I am not doing the burpees, don’t tell L (L if you are reading I am so sorry?!!) but I did them.  I thought that is so silly and I can do them, I was just making excuses, so I did them.  After the workout I foam rolled and I was feeling amazing.  I am so glad I didn’t quit on any of it, and just kept going.  I felt so good I celebrated with selfies.

feeling good!
feeling good!

J got home and grilled some chicken for us for dinner.  I had mine on a corn tortilla as a fajita, with a side of beans that J cooked as well.  It was delicious and was just what I needed.


The rest of the night was low key, just hanging with J.  It feels like life has been so busy lately, I need to enjoy some downtime and some quiet once in awhile.

How do you convince yourself to get moving?  or to keep going when you want to quit?

it’s really such a mental game, it’s hard to convince yourself you can do it.  At least it is for me.


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