It Finally Made Sense

Wednesday  was a range of frustration and excitement. I went to the gym straight from work and I was pretty excited to be there after a few days of not being able to make it. 

The strength portion was working on our hang power cleans.  I am comfortable with this lift. Until I approach my max weight. It gets heavy and I get nervous and it just gets so in my head.  I got stuck on 95 lbs just like I did the last time. I didn’t get it this time, it just wasn’t happening for me. We also were doing a push press after we cleaned it which I think also added to the pressure I felt. It’s silly really because I am just competing against myself really. 

I was feeling kind of bummed about not making the 95 lbs. Then we discussed the workout. 

1 min – 1 Turkish get up (right), rest of minute hang power cleans with a push press. 

1 min- 1 Turkish get up (left), rest of minute front squats. 

1 min- double unders 

We did three rounds then had a one minute rest and then did two more rounds.  I used 70 lbs for the first round and then dropped to 65 lbs for the rest of the workout. It got heavy really fast. 

I have struggled with double unders for over three years now. I keep practising, not as often as I should, but I do practise. Today I think something clicked.  I’ve always been told it’s in the wrists but I never got it. Today I sped up the wrists and they came so much easier. I got lots of twos and before I knew it I strung together three of them!  I stopped at three because I got so excited. 

It inspired me to practise even more now and get better. Now that I feel like I kind of have an idea what I am doing. It felt pretty amazing and I left the gym on a real high note. 

When we got home we made dinner together C and I. J is out of time so it was a girls night. We made tortilla pizza and I also made up some veggies.  

I bought a spiralizer a long time ago and put it away and kind of forgot about it. Last weekend I found it in a drawer when I was looking for something else. I didn’t keep the directions or the box it came in and to be honest I had no idea how it worked.  I grabbed some zucchini and played with it and I did manage to create a noodle like zucchini shape.   


I really enjoyed it. I know there are different ways to use it and I want to figure out how to make a thinner shape. I’m going to have to play around on the interwebs how to make this thing work. 

Anyone else use a spiralizer? 

Maybe I should invest in a better one. 

Double unders- can you do them?  Did it take you a long time to get them? 


3 thoughts on “It Finally Made Sense

  1. I love my spiralizer! I make zucchini noodles all the time. I haven’t made them with the blade you used yet, but they look cool…might have to try that next week.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get a spiralizer actually. I think I might go to the store tonight and look for one. Where did you pick yours up? What kind of veggies have you used it on?

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