Eating ALL the Things

I feel like this week has basically just been filled with stress and eating.  Is there a relationship?  I think there most definitely is.  I get stressed and all my will power goes out the window.  In addition to that, being stressed and being busy means less time for me to prep healthy meals, or just an increase desire to lay on the couch.


When I get home from work and the gym, I just want to relax… and EAT.  And since I have nothing prepared I just eat what I can grab, like pepperettes, cheese, ringolos, chips etc.  I will pack healthy lunches and snacks for the day and stick to them so well, and then I get home and scrounge like I am an animal.  Then I get mad at myself and start thinking well you already suck so you may as well enjoy it, and then I eat the last Jello from the fridge and a snack snickers washed down with a good sized glass of milk.

I am feeling self conscious about myself lately.  About the way things fit, and the weight I have gained.  The joke is that it’s “happy weight”- post wedding, more relaxed, loving life, just gaining weight.  The thing is, it’s not happy at all!  It bothers me, I don’t like how my clothes fit, and the rolls I am discovering.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not THAT bad.  Most people wouldn’t even notice.  But I am really starting to notice.

Yet I am not noticing enough to stop and just be accountable and stop eating ALL the things.  I will complain about it and scold myself for it, but I haven’t stopped.  Maybe I need an intervention?  Maybe if you guys will scold me it will help?  Or maybe it doesn’t matter- do a few extra pounds really matter?  I just need to figure this all out I suppose and figure out what’s important to me.  And figure out what matters.

Tuesday night I went to the gym and my back was better, but still a little sore.  We did some sprinting outside and some prowler pushes and then we did a bunch of tabata workouts with different movements.  Wednesday night I made it again, and was much more sore after having my back worked on in the morning at chiro.  The strength was working to a heavy push press.  I opted out of the pressing because of my back pain, and so I did 200m lunges outside with another girl who also wasn’t pressing.

The workout I really enjoyed.

EMOTM- 10 minutes

parking lot sprint

2 hang power cleans

2 front squat

2 push press

* on the even minutes I did squats for the remainder of the time, and the odd was planks

I just used the empty 35 lb bar for this and I thought I was way too light but I didn’t want to overdo it with weight with a sore back.  I wished it was heavier, especially for cleans.  I think cleaning an empty bar just feels weird.

I got home and made roasted turkey sausage and veggies in the oven and it was good.  I overcooked it a little as I walked away from it to shower and it cooked too long.  It was still quite yummy and made a great lunch for today with a small spinach salad.

Tonight is a rest night for me and I plan to soak up every minute of rest and think of the fact that the week is almost done.

Do you get upset when you get off track with eating? 

How do you stay on track?


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