Weekend Loving

This weekend has been beautiful weather wise which just makes it that much better. Friday night C and I went to a show with J’s mom and sister. It was at the local theatre and it was called “one hit wonders”.  It was a good show and a bit of a late night for C. 

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast before hitting the gym. I made breakfast burritos.  


We headed to the gym and we did our workout outside which was super fun. 


800 m run/ back squats

400 m run/ push press

200 m run/ manmakers

It was a team of four so two ran and two squatted etc.  Then as a team we ran another 800 or 400 m to finish.  It was an awesome workout and my legs are feeling it today. 

The evening was spent at a local bar/ restaurant with my in laws celebrating both my sister in law and my father in laws birthdays. It was a nice night and it wasn’t too late or crazy. 

I got up this morning and made my flapjacks protein pancakes for breakfast.   

I have decided I don’t like them enough to buy them again. I like the recipe I have used before better so I will probably stick to those.  

I went to the bootcamp class at my gym after that and it was a lot of fun. There was a good turnout. We did a bunch of different exercises on command and it was an amazing workout.  After the class I did some errands and then had a really nice super long chat with my bestie. It was so nice to catch up. 

C had swimming today and we decided to go out for dinner after. We went to Kelsey’s and it reminded me I really don’t love it there. I had an ok meal, nothing special.  Then home to prep some lunch stuff for the week. 

Now it’s time to soak up the last moments of relaxation before Monday (gulp) arrives. 

What was your weekend highlight? 


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