Just What I Needed

I have really had a great weekend.  It’s been exactly what I needed. The rest of my week since my last post was pretty much the usual.  I went to the gym Wednesday and I cannot recall what the wod was to recap it.  I am slacking with the recaps but I promise I definitely was not slacking in the workouts when I did the.  Thursday was a rest day, I had planned to run but I wasn’t feeling the greatest.  Last week I just had a headache that would not quit so I took the night to relax.

Friday I went to the gym after work and the workout was a really awesome one.  The strength was deadlifts, we worked to a heavy 1 rep max.  I worked to 175 lbs and it felt great.  It wasn’t my max, but it felt strong and I left it at that.  The wod itself was T-O-U-G-H.

5 rounds

3 min AMRAP

3 power cleans

6 push ups

9 squats

This was much harder than it sounded.  I used 65 lbs for this and I also did all the push ups without dropping to my knees.  It felt amazing.  It was tough, but I felt so good when we were done.

Since it was our gym’s five year anniversary we had a gathering at a local restaurant to celebrate.  J, C and I got ready and headed out.  I was really loving my outfit and after that workout and a shower I felt really good.

i'm not always in gym clothes
i’m not always in gym clothes

Saturday morning we got ready and C and I headed to the gym for the special anniversary workout.  It was a partner workout and my partner was one of the coaches so I felt like I had to really give it my all.  We do this wod every year for the anniversary celebration.

30 min AMRAP

400 m run (both do this)

64 lateral jumps (split with partner)

40 Ground to Overhead lifts (I used 55 lbs- split with partner)

32 OH squats (split with partner, partner holds bar overhead) * I don’t like OH squats so I did front squats

10 burpees over bar (each)

7 thrusters (each)

5 shoulder switches

This workout felt amazing.  We did the whole thing outside and it was a beautiful day.  I left feeling so good.  C and I headed to get pedicures and a little pampering.

feeling badass after that workout
feeling badass after that workout

C went for a playdate and I headed home.  A friend texted me to come by and chat and she came over for a couple of beers and we chatted and sat in the son.  We had such a nice visit, and honestly it was exactly what I needed.  Some girl talk and we covered some topics that I really needed someone to talk to about.  We talked about being comfortable and confident with ourselves and not putting too much pressure on looking a certain way, and allowing ourselves to enjoy life and just live a little without feeling guilty.

The evening we spent with friends and watched the big boxing fight.  My favorite was the snacks.  I made my famous guac and there were lots of other snacks.  J had the weekend off so that meant he got to sleep in Sunday.  We don’t normally have him around in the mornings.  It was so nice to have him home.  We made a delicious family breakfast.  I went out for a run and it was another absolutely beautiful day.

warm enough for shorts!
warm enough for shorts!

We had a nice day and it ended with dinner on a patio which is pretty much my favourite thing about Summer.  It looks to be a promising week weather wise.  I had such a great weekend and I actually feel like I am refreshed and revived for a change.  Normally I just dread the end of the weekend but this time I feel like I got so much out of it and I am a little more ready to face the week.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend xoxo


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