Well Hello Old Friend

Hi!  I managed to make it in for a midweek check in. Seems like I haven’t been able to post much lately but here I am. I went to the gym Monday after a hectic day and it was a great workout. We did back squats to a box for strength and split lunges. 


5 rounds 

1 min prowler push

1 min sit ups

1 min push ups

1 min tire step ups

1 min rest 

It was nice and the whole workout was outside.  I’m really loving the whole outside workout thing. It feels great to be out in the sun after a long winter. 

Tuesday I didn’t go to the gym as I had a very important commitment.   

This morning I got up a little earlier and did a quick wake up yoga routine from YouTube.  I have found a bunch of them I like from Tara Stiles. I am going to try to make more of an effort to do these mini yoga videos to help me get my stretch on. 

After work I made my usual Wednesday class with my usual crew. The strength was 3 sets of 5 strict press. I did one set at 55 lbs and then another at 65 lbs. I got all 5 reps in but the last one was a struggle. So I didn’t do the third set. We kept that weight on our bars for the WOD which meant I started with 65 lbs for the WOD. 

WOD- 6 rounds

Parking lot sprint 

5 x power clean, front squat, push press 

This got heavy fast. I dropped to 55 lbs in my second round. Again we worked outside and that was awesome for me. I left feeling really strong. 

I got home and wanted something different for dinner.  I was in a breakfast for dinner kind of mood.  I busted out my favourite recipe for protein waffles and made a delicious treat for dinner.  

It was sooooo good. It has been awhile since I have made them and I really enjoyed it.  I made up lunches and C went to bed and the rest of the night is dedicated to my couch with this little cutie.  

 I hope you are having a week there flying by and getting you to the weekend quickly. 


How do you like to relax in the evening? 

Couch and cuddles are my favourite. 

Do you have a favourite protein waffle recipe?  


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