Overnight Oats and Fast Feet

Welp I managed to get myself up a little earlier again this morning and I did a mini yoga/ ab workout to wake myself up.  It was nice, we were not rushed and it was a good way to start the day.  I can’t take the credit because J totally helps me get up on time.  He’s pretty much the best.

Last night before I went to bed I made a batch of Overnight Oats that I saw posted on Instagram.  I have tried overnight oats in the past but this one inspired me because it was “Cookie Dough Overnight Oats”.  I was eager to give them another shot if it was going to taste like cookie dough.

IMG_8761It was pretty good.  It made two batches.  I used steel cut oats instead of quick oats and I think they could have soaked longer.  I am thinking the second batch might be better having had a whole extra day to soak.  It did taste yummy though and like cookie dough.  It’s just the texture I am not super sure about.  It was a nice change from my morning shakes.

It was another beautiful day out.  At lunch time me and a couple other girls went for a walk.  I really enjoyed it, it’s a nice escape from a busy day.  After work while C was at Brownies I headed out for a run.  I programmed my timer to do HIIT intervals with sprints and I ended up running 5 km in just over 28 minutes.  I felt great today and the weather was incredible.

this weather though
this weather though

After my run I had some more time so I did a yoga video I found for post running and got my stretch on.  It was awesome and I got a really good stretch in my legs and hips.  Then I did another video for some ab work.  I have to mention something that really made me feel awesome today.  At the office someone grabbed onto my arm and their reaction was oh wow, in reference to my triceps.  It felt soooo good.  I am proud of the definition I have built on my arms.

just flexin'
just flexin’

As if the night wasn’t great enough, when I went to pick up C the sky was incredible.  I just had to take a picture of it.

so pretty over the airport
so pretty over the airport

It’s been a pretty great day despite it being a crazy hectic work day.  I managed to clear my head with the walk and the run after work and it kept my stress levels down.  It’s Friday Jr so the weekend is so close.  xoxo

Do you workout or walk at lunch?

Too often I eat at my desk and don’t even take a break.  I think it’s important to step away and clear your head.

Overnight Oats- like them?


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