Feeling the Mother’s Day Love

This weekend was wonderful.  It got off to a rocky start Friday when  I ended up working much later than I would like to on a Friday.   I didn’t make my workout, in fact I pretty much made it home just in time to get ready and head out for dinner.  We had plans to meet up with James’s cousin and his wife at a Mexican restaurant we had never tried.  It was really good and we had a nice visit.  I enjoyed the meal a lot, I mean Mexican… why wouldn’t I love it?

Saturday morning I was out early and ran some errands before the gym.  It was really hot out and by 10 am it was already 24 degrees out.  There were only four of us there for the workout.  We did push press and back squats as our strength workout and then we moved into the partner wod.

18 min AMRAP

P1- farmer’s carry

P2 – sledgehammer hits (then switch)

200 m run

P1 – lunge walk

P2- tire jumps/ step ups (then switch)

200 m run

After the workout I picked up C and we did some more errands and I got a much needed car wash.  We picked up some lunch and headed home to get ready for our next stop.  We went to an open house at a camp she will be attending this summer.  After we were done, I was really craving a beer on a patio so we went and got a pint on our favourite patio.  Then we did some more errands and headed home for the night.

Sunday morning I got up and J suggested I go for my run early before it got too hot out.  I took him up on it and headed into town and did about 5 km.  When I got home there was a nice set up on our kitchen table for me.

I got spoiled
I got spoiled

I opened my gifts while J was putting the final touches on breakfast for us.  I had been talking about adult colouring books for awhile.  I tend to spend time playing silly mindless games on the ipad and I thought it seemed like something I would really enjoy as a way to relax.  J and C got me two colouring books, a set of pencil crayons and an amazing set of 152 crayons!!!

I cannot wait to colour
I cannot wait to colour

I felt really spoiled and I am so excited to do some colouring.  It was an action packed weekend so I haven’t had a chance yet.  I also got spoiled with this breakfast of steak, veggies and a cheese omelet.

IMG_8778We got some reorganizing done during the day and J finished a cabinet for our bathroom that turned out great.  We finished off with an amazing family dinner at his Grandparent’s house.  I felt really lucky to have such a wonderful family and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I hope all the Mother’s out there had a great day and got spoiled.  xoxoxo


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