Making it Through Monday

I had the worst sleep on Sunday night. Our room was so hot and we had the fans on and it was loud. We didn’t want to cave and put the air conditioning on because it’s only the beginning of May!!  I guess since we had windows open in the room where our thermostat is the heat came on and it explains why we were so uncomfortable.
As a result I was super tired all day Monday. Thankfully I had a good hair day and I actually even achieved some waves in my hair.  Of course it called for a selfie. #shameless. 

The day was busy so went quickly but it still felt long. I didn’t get out of work on time so had to rush to a later class. The strength was back squats but I opted to use the time for a shake out run and lots of foam rolling.


EMOTM – 12 min

1 power clean

2 front squats

1 push press

During the rest of the time before the next minute I did some different ab work. Then we did some ab work as a class to finish off. 

When I got home I put together this yummy meal.

quinoa, edamame, shaved parmesan cheese and a fried egg

I had the evening to myself after C went to bed. J was at baseball so I was solo. It rained and we had some thunder. I used the time to break out my new colouring book and it was so relaxing.   

I think I could get used to that kind of relaxing.  xoxo

How was your Monday? 


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