Oh Hi!  I am just checking in to give a recap of the last couple of days.  It’s been a whirlwind of a week so far and we are already halfway through!  I am not complaining at all.

Tuesday I was lucky and got to sleep in a little bit because C had an appointment. I relaxed in bed longer than I normally can and then got up and did this plank workout for the first time. I will definitely be doing this again.

I made myself a delicious healthy breakfast and actually got to sit down and enjoy it without feeling too rushed.

so yummy!  fried egg, turkey bacon and berries with almond butter
so yummy! fried egg, turkey bacon and berries with almond butter

I hit up the gym in the evening and it was a really fun class.  It was a smaller class than usual on a Tuesday and we did 3 short 5 minute AMRAPS.

1- plate pushes and wall balls

2- ring jackknives, ankle touches and flutterkicks

3- plate push ups, sit ups and mountain climbers

After we worked on our strict pull ups and I was able to do a few without a band, not strung together but individual ones I did get a few.

When I got home there was a delicious dinner of steak, salad and quinoa with edamame waiting for me thanks to my amazing husband.  I am a lucky girl that’s for sure.  I was so hungry I didn’t snap a photo. #fail

Wednesday’s workout started with strict press for strength.  We worked to find our 3 rep max.  I managed to PR my 3 rep max and got three reps at 70 lbs.  We didn’t use racks, so that was including a clean.  Pretty great right???  We then used that weight for the wod.

10-1 push press

20 lunges

Basically starting with 10 and going down by one each round, and doing the lunges each time.  I alternated rounds doing squats and sit ups instead of lunges just to be nicer to my knee and hip.  When I heard the workout and saw I was supposed to use 70 lbs I thought there was no way I could do it.  I tried and was impressed to see I was able to get into the 5th round before I dropped it.  My wrists were killing and really that’s why I had to drop it.  I only took off 2.5 lbs per side and did the remainder with 65 lbs.  I felt amazing that I was able to get through that much with that weight.  Definitely getting stronger.  We finished off with some intervals of high knee sprints to get a burst of cardio.

I spent the evening relaxing.  C is a little under the weather so we took it easy.  I enjoyed my current favourite snack while watching some tv, and placing an online lululemon order.

blackberries, dark chocolate chips and almond butter
blackberries, dark chocolate chips and almond butter

Now we are almost through the week and it’s a long weekend coming up so life is feeling really good for me despite what’s been a bit of a rough week.  Adult problems I guess.

What’s your favourite evening snack?





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