A Beautiful Night

Thursday was good to me.  It got off to a rough start when I woke up postitve it was Saturday.  What a cruel joke when I realized it wasn’t and I still had two more days.  Rude.

I was really sore in my traps and shoulders all day as a result of kicking ass on Wednesday. So I knew I wasn’t going to do any type of lifting Thursday, so I went with a run.  It was an amazing night for it.  Just the right amount of sunshine and breeze.

feeling good

I am obsessed with a new song that is on my current running playlist.  When I started to slow down and lose pace it came on and it totally got me through.

you should probably download it

When I got home I was starving.  I had made pulled pork in the slow cooker so there was very little prep involved in my dinner.  J put a sweet potato in the oven for me to bake while I was running and it made an amazing dinner that we both agreed would have to become part of our regular rotation.

i can’t even describe how good this was

Also can I please just show you how pretty my running view is?


Now we can revel in the fact that it’s Friday and it’s a long weekend.  I don’t think anything can ruin my day. xoxo

Song suggestions for my playlist?  Please?


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