The Long Weekend Had Me Like…

I don’t know about you guys but I love a long weekend. It started off with a workout Friday after work. I know we did deadlifts for our strength, but the WOD I  having trouble remembering. I think it was pull ups and squats and push ups perhaps?  I can’t remember exactly.  

Saturday morning started off with a good workout that was a partner WOD. A friend who was off for awhile is back and was my partner. 

32 min AMRAP

P1- 4 shuttle runs

P2 – 16 burpees

       16 box step ups

       16 ground to overhead (55lbs)

       16 front squats (55lbs)

The round was timed by the shuttle run and then when we switched you just picked up where your partner left off. It was a killer workout and it was hot out. 

The rest of my day I was very productive. I got some shopping done, a mani and a pedi, a drink with a friend I haven’t seen in ages and a little bit of relaxing.  

i could get used to this
For dinner it was just J and I and he grilled some steaks and we had steak Caesar salads. I used the Bolthouse yogurt dressing and I recommend it for sure. It’s so yummy!  
such a tasty dinner

We spent the evening getting caught up on one of our favourite shows. J is under the weather and fighting a nasty cold so it was a low key night. 

Sunday I set my alarm to get up and go for a run before it got too hot out and before I had to get ready to leave pick up C and head to my parents.  

sweaty but feeling amazing

I had a great day visiting my family and we stayed until the evening.    It was pretty great going to bed knowing we still had another day to enjoy of the weekend. 
It started with breakfast and a tea. 

good morning
 My gym was open for one workout for the holiday Monday. The workout was a team challenge. 


20 min AMRAP

Farmers carry 

50 plate push

150 back squats

75 man makers 

Then when those were done we did burpees. As a team we did 142 burpees. It was a crazy one that left me really sweaty. 

We did some errands during the day and then we cleaned up our porch and I am so happy with how it turned out.   

cozy and clean

We watched fireworks in the evening and we had a really great display.  It was the best weekend and I was really sad it had to come to an end. At least we have a short week to get though!  xoxox

Did you do any fireworks? 


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