And So it Begins…

Can we just talk about the fact that we made it?  It’s finally here- it’s the weekend baby!!!  As I mentioned yesterday I am pretty excited about this weekend.  I got a text first thing this morning from my bestie L that she has landed.  And all is right in the world again.  Sadly I have to wait one more day to see her.  This will probably be how it goes down when I see her.

get ready for it
get ready for it
I need to digress and go back to spent hug really exciting that happened when I got home from work. I had a lululemon package waiting for me. Always a good thing to come home to. I’m pretty in love with my purchases.   I don’t remember which tank this is but I want another one. Ps please don’t judge the mess in my room ‘k thanks. 

Also last nights sky was so pretty. I call it a cotton candy sky when it looks like this  is 


I hit up the gym after work and we did deadlifts as our strength. We did sets of 3 and I worked up to 155lbs.  We did sprints in between sets. 

20 min cap

400 m run 

20 pull ups

18 squats

16 push press

14 squats

12 push press

10 squats

The goal was 3 rounds. I got 2 and was 12 squats in to my 18 on the 3rd round. 

It’s the weekend now and in one sleep the fun will begin. I just can’t wait! xoxo

Have you got exciting weekend plans? 


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