Are We There Yet?

This week has been wonderfully busy and has flown by.  It is a four day work week for me with the big wedding festivities this weekend and I had two days out of the office so it’s been a really great work and there is just one day to get through now!  I am so close to the weekend I can feel it!

bring. it. on
bring. it. on

It’s really nice knowing my bestie is back in my province and not that far away. I am so excited for her big day to see her look so beautiful and marry her guy.  She was there for my big day and I am excited to be there for hers. Let’s do a quick recap of this week.

Monday was a busy day at work and then I had to leave a bit early to go for a dentist appointment.  That’s never fun and it made it worse knowing it was right during my usual workout time.  Rude.  I was able to make it to a later class.  I texted my friend to find out if it was a good workout to go to, or if it was something I could just do at home because I was on the fence about going.  She basically told me what it was and it sounded terrible but I knew I wouldn’t get many chances to go this week so I went.

IMG_9008 It was as brutal as it sounded.  We did back squats as strength and it was 3 sets of 7 reps.  I got to 105 lbs which I was quite happy with.  Then the workout.

15 min AMRAP

2 thrusters

2 burpees

4 thrusters

4 burpees

6 thrusters

6 burpees

200 m run

When it got to the 6 and 6 it sucked.  It didn’t sound too bad to me but it was awful.  As usual it felt amazing afterwards but it was a challenging one to get to.  It didn’t help that it was pretty hot outside too for the running.  I got 4 rounds in.

Tuesday I was up extra early to catch a train to my conference and I was home late so there was no workout for me.  I had intentions of doing something but I decided to enjoy a rest day.  Wednesday I unexpectedly made it to my usual 415 class and it was a lot of fun.

9 min AMRAP

10 dumbbell rows

10 dumbbell cleans

10 dumbbell thrusters

10 squats

10 mountain climbers

10 push ups

10 mountain climbers

10 squats

After this wod we did another one that I really liked because it involved the prowler and the sled.  We did 45 seconds at 5 different stations and rotated through it all twice.  The stations were ladder drills, shuttle runs, tire step ups, prowler push and sled pulls.

I got home and had pulled pork, sweet potato and salad for dinner.  It was a repeat of my Monday night dinner but it was so nice I had it twice.  In my trackers.  #winning


So basically now all I have to do is get through one more day of work and then I am off spending time with the girls doing prewedding festivities and then celebrating the big day!!!  I am pretty much counting down the minutes now.

let's do this
let’s do this

Can’t wait to tell you allllll about it!  xoxox

Has your week been a good one so far?

Prowler push vs. sled pull?

I think I like prowler better, but holy crap does the sled leave the hamstrings burning!


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